2021 Developments in Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf Market -Report by Global Top Companies, Sales, Volume, Value, Types, Revenue Statistics 2015-2026 – Atlantic Financial Management

This report presents the collaborative and in-depth research on the Global Artificial Turf and Artificial Turf Industry 2015-2026 Research Statistics & Insights with Forecast.

The analytical perspective is provided by the presentation of the qualitative and quantitative information of the artificial turf and artificial turf industry. The market size, sales, demand, growth rate and drivers of artificial grass and artificial grass are given in this study. The market size in USD Mn and the growth rate are also given in this study. All global players, manufacturers, dealers and distributors who are involved in artificial turf and artificial turf are comprehensively examined. Your competitive view, the financial, business and product portfolio of artificial turf and artificial turf are also analyzed. The report helps clients track industry trends, opportunities, risks and development threats.

The top companies with their business portfolio are:

Victoria PLC
Limonta Sport
ACT Global Sports
Shaw Sports Turf
SportGroup Holding
Garden grass
Challenger Industries Inc.
Mondo SpA
Beaulieu International Group
Unisport-Saltex Oy
GreenVision / Mattex
Domo sport grass
Condor grass
Ten cate
Edel Grass BV
Global Syn-Turf
SIS parking spaces
CoCreation Grass
FieldTurf (Tarkett)
Controlled Products, LLC

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Globally, the report is broken down by region to provide regional presence, artificial turf and artificial turf growth, demand, production, and potential segments. The forecasted market value, CAGR, USPs for artificial turf and artificial turf as well as strategic insights are offered. The market opportunities in different regions will help understand the competitiveness of artificial turf and artificial turf. The business strategies are shaped by report checks, qualitative analyzes and growth forecasts. The central supply-demand scenario, the impact of a pandemic on product demand, consumers, and changes in policies and regulations are fully assessed.

The top product types with the market size and market share they are acquiring are as follows: Tufted Grass Under 10mm
Tufted grass Between 10 and 25 mm
Tuft grass over 25 mm

The worldwide applications for Artificial Grass and Artificial Grass with market size, market share and demand are as follows:
Contact sport
Non-contact sports

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The report begins with an analysis of Artificial Grass and Artificial Grass Market Attractiveness by Type, End User and Region. The market definition, the scope of the study, the market structure and the most important purchase criteria are determined. A market factor indicator analysis is also carried out. The market dynamics with drivers, restrictions, opportunities and their effects on artificial turf and artificial turf is specified. The technological trends, regulatory scenarios and patent trends are analyzed.

The next segment is market factor analysis:

In this part, the analysis of the value chain and the supply chain of artificial turf and artificial turf with R&D status is assessed. It also specifies the distribution, distribution channel, post-sale monitoring, and manufacturing process.

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis lists the threats to artificial turf and artificial turf market participants, the bargaining power of buyers, the threat posed by substitutes, the bargaining power of supplies, and the rivalry of the segments. The main regional analysis includes North America (US, Canada), Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and other countries), Asia Pacific countries (China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Indonesia and USA ) Rest), MEA (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran and rest) and Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and rest).

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The competitive dashboard for artificial turf and artificial turf, benchmarking and company rankings are offered. In addition, the Reports Check team offers important growth strategies, market share analyzes and important growth strategies. The new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures are indicated. In the last segment the implicit research methodology is presented. The main segments of the research methodology are primary research, desk research, market size estimation, forecasting model, and list of assumptions. The paid primary interviews with key opinion leaders in the artificial turf and artificial turf industries such as marketing managers, CEOs, product managers and R&D managers are also conducted. The data collected is validated using secondary data sources and paid databases. The capital market ratio of artificial turf and artificial turf and the financial matrix are given. If you have any questions or requests for adjustments, please feel free to contact us. We offer the report according to the customer specific requirements and the specified scenario.

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