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Tree Removal Chilliwack

Nov 18

Trees are an absolutely beautiful way to bring life to your property and add curb appeal. Even if you prefer a more relaxed approach to tree service and maintenance, you can still successfully have a variety of trees on your property. Even with the utmost love and care, however, trees can still see the end of their days and they’ll need to be removed.

You may be tempted to leave a dead tree in your yard just for convenience’s sake. Don’t be tempted! Removing trees that have no more lifespan left is an important part of maintenance; tree removal helps to ensure that all surrounding trees stay alive and healthy, avoiding collateral damage.

We specialize in tree removal and tree trimming services and are completely licensed and insured for the job. We’re familiar with the necessary requirements for the removal service and can ensure that your tree is removed safely, quickly, and without damage to any of your other landscaping projects, and we’ll leave your yard even cleaner than we found it. We’re proud to offer you affordable tree removal service in the Chilliwack BC area.

How do you know if you need to remove a tree? Not sure? Let’s take a look at some reasons you may need a tree removal service.

Pine Beetles and Pests

If your trees become infected with pesky bugs, you may need a tree removal. The pine beetle can cause damage to not only one of your trees, but all of them. It’s vital that you call in an expert to assess the situation and get it under control quickly. Chilliwack Tree Services has excellent knowledge of pine beetle infestation and can provide you with quick results to halt the problem and remove any trees that have been compromised. Furthermore, keep an eye open for the following symptoms:

  • Discolored or patchy leaves
  • Blackening or decaying bark
  • Small holes or burrows near the trunk
  • Signs of insects or pests

If you see any of these signs, you want to give us a call immediately to assess the situation and find a solution rapidly. Your tree may still be at a stage where it can be saved, and if not, we can help start the removal process so that other trees don’t suffer the same issue(s).


If you’re looking to do some property or landscaping development, you may need a tree removal service to ensure you have sufficient space for your project. We will happily get rid of any trees that are in the way, or presenting difficulty to your expansion. We have years of experience with this exact task, and if you’re working with tight deadlines, fear not, as we are the experts suited for the job. We’ll make sure the desired trees are removed in the cleanest way possible and keep your project on schedule.

Single Trees

Sometimes, properties may have just one tree that needs to be removed. This can happen due to a sunlight blockage which may be harming other plants on property, or preventing them to thrive at their maximum potential. Perhaps the tree is extremely old, or has become too large and has outgrown it’s space. We are happy to help solve this problem by removing a single tree on your property.

Tree Removal Project

Regardless of the reason for your tree removal, our priority at Chilliwack Tree Service is your time and satisfaction. We work to make the process of tree removal as speedy, noninvasive, and painless as possible. Our team of experts have top of the line machinery for the job and are licensed and insured for tree removal. We can’t wait to help you with your tree removal services; give us a call today to discuss your needs!

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