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Dec 9

Trees lend plenty of beauty to communities in Chilliwack and throughout the Fraser Valley. From making homes and businesses look more appealing to maintaining a natural element in our lovely parks, they're essential to the appearance and atmosphere of local neighborhoods. Most of the time, those trees stand quietly in the background, providing beauty, shade, and oxygen for everyone.

Sometimes, though, trees succumb to the elements. When that happens, they may become a danger to people, buildings, and other trees. That means they need to be removed promptly.

Chilliwack's Foremost Tree Removal Specialists

Here at Chilliwack Tree Services, we're committed to taking care of the trees in our area. We're also dedicated to making sure our friends and neighbors are out of danger and their properties are safe. We have extensive training and experience in tree removal, and we're always on hand to take care of your arboreal needs. Feel free to contact us to schedule our tree removal services. We'll show you why so many Chilliwack home and business owners come to us when they need to get problematic trees off of their properties.


How Do I Know If a Tree Needs to Be Removed?

In some cases, the need to remove a tree is obvious. If the tree is broken and threatening your property or it's clearly dead and you fear it can't handle the next storm that comes along, it should be cut down and removed. In the event a tree has already fallen, it's time to have it hauled away. Many people call us because they need trees removed to make way for new construction or landscaping. Having said that, deciding whether a tree needs to be removed isn't always so easy.

Damaged trees may also need to be removed before they become a safety hazard. Those with significant cracks in their trunks, large damaged or diseased branches, or hollow trunks should generally be cut down to avoid potential dangers down the road. On the other hand, if less than half the tree appears damaged or a wound on the trunk is fairly small, there's a chance the tree could survive.

You can also look for other telltale signs of an unhealthy tree. Those include fungal growths on the trunks, new growth from the trunk, and visible broken roots. A tree may also need to be removed if it's blocking light and preventing other foliage from thriving. Trees that are causing problems at intersections, around power lines, and in other key places often need to be removed as well. If you're in doubt, our experts can assess the situation and determine if removal is the best option.

Keep Your Property Safe and Gorgeous

Whatever your reason may be for needing a tree removed, Chilliwack Tree Services is here to help. We have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and dedication to do the job safely and effectively. We're on call around the clock to handle your emergency tree removal needs. Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule services and let us help keep your property safe and beautiful.

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