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These are the Reasons Your Air Conditioner Does Not Smell Like It Should

Mar 31

These are the Reasons Your Air Conditioner Does Not Smell Like It Should

The air conditioner is cooling your home but suddenly strange smells start coming from the vents or from the unit. You may be wondering if your AC unit is malfunctioning. If so, it could be a danger to your safety and health. There are many reasons why your AC could smell. Do not panic! Washington HVAC Bosss has the expertise to diagnose and help with all these issues.

A burning smell in your house can be very alarming. If the burning smell doesn't last, it could be just dust burning. If the burning smell continues, it could be caused either by the motor overheating or a broken capacitor. A capacitor powers a motor and can cause it to overheat if it becomes damaged. The motor can overheat if the bearings wear out. Regularly changing your air filter is a good idea. It can restrict airflow and overheat electrical parts. Other problems can be caused by the AC fan, circuit board, or compressor. It is important to switch off your AC from a breaker.

Do you smell Acetone (like nail polish remover)? If so, your refrigerant may be leaky. AC coils that are old or poorly maintained can become cracked and have holes. This can lead to AC unit failure and health hazards.

Are you overwhelmed by rotten odors? Rodents, birds, and lizards could be to blame. These animals infiltrate the air ducts where they cannot escape. As they age, their smell will spread throughout your house.

If you smell musty, it could indicate that mold is growing in the ducts. Mold growth can occur if there is moisture left in the unit that doesn't drain. Mold can cause severe health problems. When your air conditioner runs, the mold spores spread throughout your house. If this is the situation, the smell should be your least concern.

Unwanted smells like sulfur or rotten eggs should not be ignored. There could be a gas problem if you smell rotten eggs. It's possible to smell gas through your vents. Do not use lighters and turn off all electrical equipment. Open your windows. Get out of your home and contact your gas company.

We don't recommend anyone attempting to fix their AC units themselves. If you notice anything unusual, contact Washington HVAC Boss by calling (202)980 8310. You can also schedule an appointment online. We can help you get your home back in order.


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