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Backyard Ponds And Water Gardens

May 2

Koi Ponds and Backyard Gardens With Full Bucket Contracting

You’ve been waiting for too long to get a water garden system and now is the perfect time. You'll wonder why you waited so long - with Aquascape, you’ll make your backyard even more stunning.

Are you considering adding a water feature to spruce up your backyard, you may want to think about installing a water garden, also known as a koi pond. Full Bucket Contracting, located in Brantford, Ontario can help you with all your backyard water garden needs. Picture yourself leaving your home and stepping into the very own paradise you created for yourself in your backyard. Your koi pond or water garden becomes the focal point. With Full Bucket Contracting, our professionals will help you be able to enjoy the beautiful koi fish and sounds of running water in your own backyard. You’ll be able to experience complete relaxation while you feel as though the world’s cares have slipped away completely.

You'll never regret spending hours relaxing near your new Aquascape water garden. You'll wonder why you waited so long to get the enjoyment of a beautiful garden right outside your back door!

Water gardens and ecosystem ponds from Full Bucket Contracting are very easy to maintain and self-sustaining, and without the upkeep of an indoor aquarium, will allow you to have koi fish as pets. You have the chance to broaden your horizons through pond plants that go well beyond the choices of the standard rose and petunia. If you are a bird lover, you will be delighted by all the new varieties of birds that flock to a water feature almost immediately after it is installed.


When all parts of a pond are assembled correctly, they form a naturalistic and beautiful work of art which changes its personality as the seasons change, throughout the day and Mother Nature’s moods.

The options of ponds are offered in many varieties that can accommodate any lifestyle. Regardless of the existing landscape, Full Bucket Contracting can help you install the pond you’ve been dreaming of to have your own slice of paradise right off your back porch.


To learn more about the elements needed in your new koi pond and backyard garden visit the link here.