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What is the easiest grass to grow in Florida and why?

Jun 28

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The type of grass that is easy to grow in Florida

People always find ways to make their home relaxing and secure from any elements like disasters; that is the reason why sometimes we don’t care how much we spend as long as we are living in a place that gives us comfort and protection. One of the ways that give us a relaxing vibe is to surround it with plants, for it cleans the air that we breathe. Plus, it increases your property value if you plan to sell it someday.

If you are new to having plants, installing sod on your lawn is a great start. It will make the surroundings clean and green, which is healthy for our eyesight. But if you don’t really know how to plant and still want those, a landscaping sod company is always ready to work it all for you.



sod or turf is the key component to having a beautiful carpet like grass in to your yard. But Florida doesn’t have the ideal weather condition to grow the lushest green grass because sometimes it becomes unendurable humidity, too rainy, super salty seaside, excessive heat, or worst is hurricane season.

But there are different types of grass that are easy to grow in Florida, and they are:

  • Zoysia Grass - It is a type of grass that can tolerate drought, heat, heavy traffic like on a golf course, low maintenance, and other challenges.
  • Bahia Grass - It is also known as “Paspalum Notatum”. Just like Zoysia Grass, it is tough and can tolerate the Florida climate. But it needs to be mowed every week, and always check out for those weeds because they will frequently pop up in this type of grass.
  • Bermuda Grass - It is also known as “Cynodon Dactylon”. Just like the two grass, it is tough and can cope up with the state’s climate. But it needs proper maintenance and water routine to remain its beauty all year round.
  • St. Augustine Grass - It is also known as “Stenotaphrum Secundatum”. It is the most popular in the state because just like the three grass mentioned it can survive in its climate. The only disadvantage to this grass is that since it easily grows fast, you need to keep up with its maintenance.