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What You Need To Know About Winter Protection For Your Trees In The Northeast

Jul 24

Winter snow and ice may wreak havoc on trees and the landscaping around your property. Every winter, broken branches and split and leaning trees are frequent in the northeast region of CT. Although you can't control the weather, you can help your trees recover from the spring.


How do you bring back plants after the cold winter?

Here are some suggestions from Tree Service CT professionals for assessing damage to trees and getting it cleaned up following the winter:




If you spot a fallen electrical wire, don't touch them! If you notice any, stay away from the utility provider. After a storm has passed, you must address any fallen or broken power lines or tree branch issues.


After that, you should look for tree limbs extending above your driveway, home, or other structures. Tree service CT will fix these safety issues quickly.


In the event of an emergency that is not life-threatening, call your city's public works department to report any obstructions or trees blocking roads or walkways.


Check your trees for any damage.


Examine your trees after an winter storm, heavy snowfall, or freezing rain. Doing this at the close of winter is recommended to ensure your trees are in good health and ready for spring. With the added pressure of spring foliage, any structural issues within your trees will become more apparent (potentially risky).


What to watch out for after the winter storm and before spring:


  • A limb that is swinging (these can fall at any time. Be sure to stay clear of trees with hanging branches)
  • Broken
  • Snarl
  • Ice or snow bending trees and branches
  • a split tree (this is common in Bradford pears and multi-stemmed trees)
  • The signs of a tree falling or leaning
  • Leader shattered, or (the principal upward branch)
  • Damaged cabling (these can be difficult to evaluate without a thorough examination)
  • Broken or split limbs (these might not be apparent when viewed from the ground).
  • It's possible to cause unseen damage by falling limbs blocking your lawn. If you observe winter storm damage to trees it is possible that there could be hidden harm. That's why an expert tree service CT company should be considered.




If your trees are located near the road, they might be sprayed with salt. The salt melts off snow can cause soil erosion and expose trees along sidewalks and driveways covered with snow.


The mechanisms for a defense that shields trees from salt damage aren't working. Be aware of salt-related damage in the growing season and during the spring. Some damage may not be obvious until later.


Winter salt damage symptoms include:


  • Dying evergreen needles and leaves
  • This happens most often during wintertime on trees that have been exposed to salt sprays by nearby roads. Trees lose their leaves/needles, and their branches become naked.
  • Decreasing branches and twigs are evidence of salt damage in deciduous trees.
  • Salt damage is a typical occurrence in the northeast of CT during winter. But there are things you can do to safeguard your plants, trees, and perennials.


Learn how to protect trees from damage caused by salt


Make sure you know the Condition Of your Tree.

Assess the health of your tree as well as any storm damage. The brittle wood of fast-growing shade trees such as silver maples, elms, willows,, and birches is easy to split. Even crotch unions with weaker strength can easily be split, similar to those found on Bradford pears.


Some severely damaged trees may have extensive rot and decay that homeowners may not be able to. It's cheaper and easier to tackle a tree's problem before the damage occurs rather than "fix" or get rid of it later.



Certain tree damage isn't visible from the ground. Storms in winter can cause tree damage, resulting from branches being damaged or cut by windstorms.


Do not climb a ladder while working with a chainsaw or similar equipment. Hire a local and reliable tree service in CT. That's where Spear Bro's Tree Care Service comes in. Spear Bro's Tree Care Service is a local owned Tree service CT business. We offer low-cost stump grinding, tree removal, tree trimming and pruning services. Our customers are delighted with our simple approach and high-quality work. Spear Bros Tree Service can help you with tree removal in Connecticut, regardless of whether you need it for a single tree or for commercial or large-scale residential projects. Contact us today to receive a complimentary estimate.



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