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Carbon Window Tint and Ceramic Window Tint

Aug 4


Carbon technology is the most recent trend in window tinting, and the latest advances in this field have been applied to two SunTek's line of products. These films are constructed of non-metal nano-hybridcarbon. They offer the protection of color and have warranty for a limited time. Both films block 99% of UV rays. Both films are certified to protect against fading. They're also less expensive than window films made of metal.

Ceramic window tinting film blocks 45% to 50% of the sun's heat that passes through windows

The main advantages of window tinting films made of ceramic include the reduction of as much as 45 percent of solar energy along with improved visibility, improved interior and exterior design. This kind of film is fairly brand new on the market however, it has already proved its worth. It's resistant to fading and also reduces the glare. Its resistance to impact and shattering is also what makes it more durable than other films.

Other advantages of ceramic window tinting films include: It is able to reduce glare the fading of windows and makes them almost scratch-proof. Ceramic window films block 99 percent of the ultraviolet light entering the vehicle's interior. It blocks up to 99percent of ultraviolet rays, which prevents sunburn and skin cancer.

It also reduces the glare

Carbon Window Tint is a window film that blocks ultraviolet radiation and minimizes reflections. The film is infused with carbon particles, and blocks up to 40% of the infrared rays from entering your car. The film's ability to block heat and glare is better than dyed films and it doesn't fade. The only drawback of carbon window tint is the size. the light rays can bounce off of the film's particles, causing glare.

UV rays from the sun are extremely harmful to your health. Exposure to UV rays may cause skin cancer to your eyelids. Also, you can get corneal sunburns from long-term exposure to the high levels of UV-B rays. Not only is corneal sunburn painful, it can also harm the interior of your vehicle. The driver can get tired of the intense sunlight's glare. It can also cause reduced visibility that could cause a risk for your safety. Thus, Carbon Window Tint can make your car safer more comfortable, as well as more durable.

It blocks UV rays

There are many different types of window tints available. There are ceramic window film and colored window films. Both can block UV rays. However, carbon is better for blocking glare and rejecting 57% solar energy. Carbon window tint is not compatible with mobile phone signals and doesn't turn purple. Carbon Window Tint will help you save money on your energy costs by blocking the rays of the sun from entering your space.

Carbon window film is stronger and less prone to fade that other types of tint. It blocks 99% ultraviolet radiation, and 70% infrared light. While invisible to the naked eyes, infrared radiation can be felt as heat. A lot of people choose to use infrared windows film to decrease heat. It resists the effects of oxidation and fade, and is also darker than other varieties of window film.

It is cheaper than metalized window-tinting film

Carbon window tinting films are fantastic way to save money on tinting. This tint is resistant to fading and discoloration, and it can also help prevent indoor sun bleaching. Carbon window tint can also stop up to 40% of the harmful UV Rays. This type of film also reduces energy bills and doesn't fade. Its disadvantages are minimal.

The film doesn't contain any metal, so it isn't able to interfere with radio transmissions or cell phones. It also helps reduce glare, the heat and fade of upholstery. However, the carbon window tinting film is not transparent as other kinds of window tints, and may distort with time. It is still affordable and provides similar results. Additionally they are efficient in blocking up to 40 percent of harmful UV rays and heat.

It's durable

If you're searching for an effective window tint to shield your vehicle from harmful UV rays from the sun, then you should consider carbon-based window tint. This particular type of tint for windows is stronger than the other kinds of window films, yet it looks stylish and smooth. Carbon window film doesn't interfere with cell phone or radio reception. It is also more expensive than dyed or metallized films, however it will not fade or crack over time.

SunTek Carbon Window Tint uses black non-reflective silicon carbon. This material will block approximately 40% of heat, keeping your vehicle cool during summertime. The film will not be able to fade or peel off so that you can take pleasure in your home's cool temperature all year long. It will not need to be replaced in the near future. This item isn't likely to scratch, chip or fade. It is beautiful too.

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