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Lion Head Wood Carving

Aug 4

This article will teach you the Iconography for Lions and also the art of deduction required to carve a lion's skull. Additionally, you will be taught the various ways of carving a head of a lion. In addition, you'll learn how to clean the head of a Lion and also how you can use a chisel finish the carving. This article should be helpful. Make sure to share it with your loved ones and friends!

Iconography of Lions

You've probably seen lion head wood carvings before. These are a common decorative accent in England. But what exactly are they? The country where the lion heads were made can affect the iconography of their designs. In England for instance the lion's head was a common sight on ships. In addition, the lion was an adamant predator and a symbol of the country, but it also was the country's coat of arms. There are a variety of lion head sculptures and some are inspired by modern-day head of lions.

Lion heads are also commonly linked to sculptures of architecture. Keystones depicting Athena the warlike lion features an lion's head, forepaws and the crest. On the other side of the keystone, two atlantes depict the heroic Hercules. In both cases, the lion head and its crest function as codpieces. The symbolism of the lion is employed in various ways.

Techniques for carving a head of the Lion

There are many ways to carve a lion's head. The first step is to draw a sketch of the head. Draw small circles on either side of a horizontal line for the eyes. Then, draw triangles to represent the mouth and nose. In the final step draw a line inside the eyes to indicate where the nose bridge is. Lastly, draw the lion's tail to the rear. This can take a bit of time.

After drawing the outline of your head, you can add the finer details. For a hair that is thick you can employ a variety of pen nibs. Stippling is a different option. It involves adding a lot of dots to create the appearance of. You should do this when the ink has fully dried before you erase the drawing. Facebook also has a lion's head drawing.

Cleaning the head of a lion

You can wash the head of a lion with brushes by gently getting rid of its hair. If you are carving with a block, ensure that the head of the lion is set two inches (5.08cm) beneath the top. Afterward, remove the head off the block, making sure to reserve the mane region. Next, draw the lower part of the lion. This includes its hind paws , which extend across each side.

Use warm water to clean the carving. The wood should not be dampened. Don't rub the wood or rub it too much because this can result in damage to the paint or wood. Furthermore, water causes the paint you've used on your design to fade or crack. Choose a non-abrasive paint if you are planning to apply paint on the head of the Lion. You can also make use of an old toothbrush to clean the design clean.

To cut off the head of a lion by using the help of a knife

Making use of a knife for carving the head of a lion can be an enjoyable and challenging task. The head of the lion must be placed in the center of the block about two inches lower than the top. Start carving the mane as well as the neck, making small cuts to the nose and eyes. When you've finished the head, continue carving the legs, body , and hind legs. Make several small cuts to make an authentic-looking lion.

The head of the lion must be round. Start at the point where the eyelids with the head. This gives the head an owlish appearance. Round the head by connecting the body and the face. Once you've cut your face, it should look similar to the head of a lion. After you have finished cutting the head, it will appear as if it was a lion's head.

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