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Which Perennials Like Shade?

Nov 7

Most plants need direct sunlight to thrive and grow. This is not always easy in our daily lives with work, kids, and other commitments. Fortunately, however investing in some shade-loving perennials can help you achieve your gardening goals!

Many types of perennial plants enjoy spending time under shady conditions. These hardy beauties will bloom all season long without requiring much sun exposure. Some even grow taller when exposed to lower levels of light!

This article will talk about some beautiful foliage and flower types that like limited shadier areas at the home plant level.

Spider Plants


Spider plants are an interesting green hue with white, red, or yellow spade-shaped leaves. They grow in clusters of up to five individual plants. These plants can be difficult to pull out of the ground as they develop new shoots coming from below the soil surface.

Spider plants like low light conditions and dry soils so if you want to keep them as a perennial plant, make sure to give it enough sunlight and well drained soil. However, spider plants will still thrive under bright indirect sunshine during early spring and late fall.

These plants will continue to grow and flower for several years making them worth investing in long term.