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Backyard Design For Garden Wedding Parties

Nov 14

If you're planning a garden wedding party, it can be a lot of work. Not only do you need to figure out a timeline for the event, but you'll also have to work with Mother Nature. Here are some tips for creating the perfect garden wedding party in your backyard.

Backyard confetti design

If you're planning a garden wedding party, consider using backyard confetti. It's biodegradable and looks fantastic in pictures. You can also choose gold confetti paper for a more elegant look. If you're worried about cleaning up confetti, you can also use dried wildflowers instead. Alternatively, you can buy pre-filled confetti poppers. These can be easily packaged for guests and are much more eco-friendly.

Backyard confetti is a great idea for garden weddings because it adds a tropical flair to the reception area. It also makes guests feel warm and comfortable. It is available in 25-count packages from Not on the High Street. You can also buy a pineapple smash game from Oliver Bonas.

Another great option for backyard wedding decorations is string lights. These are both decorative and functional and can be hung from tent poles, trees, and other structures. The soft, natural elements of garden weddings can be enhanced by hanging simple string lights from trees and fences.

Shaded areas

Shaded areas are a key part of backyard design for garden wedding parties. Outdoor weddings are popular and trendy but you need to take care to provide adequate shade to your guests. Make sure you include areas where your guests can sit in the shade, or add additional areas of cover to avoid overheating.

Planting perennials and flowering shrubs will add height and colour to your shady space. Try growing smaller vines that can climb small trees, and larger ones that will cover walls. Some of the best vines for shady areas are Dutchman's pipe, climbing hydrangea, and Virginia creeper. You can also add a boxwood hedge around your garden to contrast with the loose plants. A boxwood hedge will also echo the smooth lines of a terra-cotta urn.

You can also include a lounge area as part of your garden wedding design. This area can be incredibly inviting and comfortable. It will be a nice spot for your guests to relax in between dances or just mingle. A fire pit will also keep everyone warm, and you can create s'mores at the end of the night.

Champagne carts

A wedding reception in a garden or other outdoor setting can benefit from champagne carts. Many vendors rent out these carts for special events, and they make a beautiful focal point for the reception. For an even more unique design, try finding one that doubles as a flower wagon! If you're unable to find a cart locally, you can also check out Etsy, an online marketplace where you can find unique items.

If you'd rather order your own wine, you can always go with a local winery or a favourite vacation spot. You can also personalise the bottles with a sign describing the varieties, as well as your wedding date and location. Getting custom labels on each bottle will also give it a personal touch.

Whether you're hosting a wedding in the city or the country, a champagne cart will add a touch of elegance to the reception. It's a great way to share your passion for drinks with your guests and save on the cost of a bartender.


There are many benefits to a garden wedding - and a backyard is an ideal location for one. The wedding venue can be anything from an open lawn to a flower bed framed by lush foliage. If you have the space, it's also a perfect location to incorporate DIY installations or floral arrangements. Many wedding venues have incorporated old barn doors, tons of leafy greens, or even pretty potted plants.

A backyard wedding can be a dream come true if the planning is done properly. A talented planner can turn the backyard into an outdoor oasis, with a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony and reception. You can even have a string quartet play as the processional. Then, you can enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests under twinkling lights. The cake and dessert can be served right in the backyard as well!

You should also consider the type of guests that will be attending your wedding. If your guests will be walking around the yard, a paved stone walkway will be a great option. This will give guests a slip-resistant surface and increase your home's value. Additionally, consider placing an outdoor rug in the yard to add colour and visual interest. A lawn is often the first thing that guests see when they come to your home, so you need to give them a good first impression. Decorative gravel along the sidewalk will also add to the look.