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Core Values of BNI

Nov 18

The mission of BNI is to aid members in growing their businesses through a professional, structured referral marketing program. This allows them to establish long-term relationships with top professional business people of high quality.

 CORE Valuations

 BNI was established on set guiding principles that guide our members in the way they interact with each and with each other, how they behave themselves and what their objectives are. Here's a bit more about each of our Core Values and How They Guide Us.

 Givers Gain

 Make it a priority to give, before you expect to gain. Give without limit to build a better world and create opportunities for everyone. It also builds lasting relationships.

  Traditions and Innovation

 Tradition is the basis of what we're made of. However, we should always be looking for ways to innovate.

  Building Relationships

 Networking is about cultivating connections through new contacts rather than searching for them. People prefer to do business with people they are comfortable with and trust. It's about cultivating those relationships.

 Lifelong Learning

 Your value grows as you develop your skills and knowledge. To be the person you want to be, create an outline of your goals and follow it in order to achieve your targets.


 Even when things are difficult, we keep our promises. This helps build trust and strengthens relationships.

 Positive Attitude

 BNI provides a welcoming atmosphere where you can be surrounded by people who want to see you succeed. We look for the good in all that surrounds us, and that helps us move forward. We can attract great people, opportunities riches, opportunities, and people by finding the best in everyone.


 We appreciate that recognition fuels the growth of successful organizations. Success, meaning, and happiness is attained by those who can achieve the art of recognition.

 BNI's Core Values Start with Givers Gain

 The spirit of altruism and kindness towards one our fellow human beings and each other begins with a genuine love for all people. We encourage and embrace diversity in every respect.


 Our Statement on Equality and Non-discrimination

 BNI demands that BNI Chapters review and select persons be members in all job classes based on their qualifications regardless of race or gender, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or disability. BNI will not support any action by a BNI Chapter if it is in contravention of this equality/non-discrimination law.

  Member Safety and Wellbeing

 Our top priority is the security and well-being of our members. BNI members can connect securely from their homes or offices. We will continue to offer BNI Online meetings going forward and when Chapter Members are comfortable with it on their own Chapter level. If you have any questions or concerns, you can get in touch with us at 618-227 7785.

  BNI St. Clair County IL

  Our BNI Chapter is actively supported by regional, national, and international BNI personnel who provide the training, structure, and technology needed for the continuing success of BNI Members.


BNI St. Clair County

929 Edgewood Dr O'Fallon, IL 62269


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