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4 Reasons You Need to Remove Your Tree Stump

Dec 26


For most homeowners, getting trees to grow on their property is an investment in both beauty and added property value. But when it comes time to take your trees down, what should you do with the tree stump? If you just leave it in the ground, you’re missing out on some great opportunities to add value to your home and increase its curb appeal. There are plenty of reasons why you should remove your tree stumps, but these reasons may be enough to convince you!

Reasons for Removing Tree Stump

There’s nothing more unattractive than having an unsightly stump of the tree in your yard after it's been cut down, or even worse, the trees still standing but diseased and dying. If you want to improve the curb appeal of your property, there’s no reason not to remove the stump and get rid of it as soon as possible. These are 4 reasons why you need to remove your tree stump right away.

Tree stumps can be unsightly

A tree stump can be unsightly and take up a lot of space in your yard. There are also safety risks, such as tripping over it. Tree stumps can also invite pests and diseases, which is especially harmful if you have pets or children. If you're looking for a tree stump removal company in Georgetown ky services, we're here to help with our high-quality services and affordable prices. Our tree stump removal experts will remove the tree stump promptly and leave behind nothing but beautiful green grass.

Tree stumps can be a tripping hazard

A tree stump can be a tripping hazard, not just for you but for anyone that comes in contact with it. In addition, the roots of the tree will continue to grow and the stump will just get bigger. If you want your property to look neat, then removing the stump is essential. Otherwise, it’ll only become more of an eyesore. Not only that, but the tree could come back stronger than ever before because they don’t die as easily as we think they do. It might be tough to decide on tree removal near Georgetown, KY since so many companies offer this service now.

Tree stumps can attract pests

A tree stump is an eyesore and it can attract pests. It can also make your yard look messy and unkempt, which will impact the value of your property. In addition, a tree stump can become a safety hazard because it could have sharp edges that might be hazardous for children or pets. Finally, if you are planning on planting new trees in your yard, you would need to remove the old stump first before digging the hole for the new tree. That way you do not create another stump with your newly planted tree..

A tree stump can be difficult to mow around

Removing a tree stump is a great way to make your yard more accessible. This is especially true if you are mowing the lawn with a push mower because it can be difficult to get around a tree stump. If you don't want to spend any money on lawn maintenance, then removing the stump will also help save money by not having to buy a new blade for your mower every other week. And even if you do have an electric or gas-powered mower, it's easier to trim and edge the grass around a stump than trying to use clippers or scissors while kneeling in front of the tree.