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Annual Events In Clearwater

Sep 30


One can never have too many Annual Events in Clearwater FL to celebrate! The city of Clearwater is a treasure trove of history, art, culture, and tourist attractions. Whether you are looking for family-friendly fun, or water sport fun, there are tons of options for you and your family and friends to choose from.


The most popular Annual Events in Clearwater FL include the Clearwater Symphony in addition to the various chamber concerts and performances. One may not realize it, but Clearwater is home to the world renowned Symphony Orchestra. This ensemble puts on a very large concert every year in January. Other events include the Clearwater Fishing Festival, Sun Fest, Promenade, Art and Jazz Festival, Seafood Fest, Clearwater Butterfly Garden, and more.


For beach lovers, the most popular Annual Events in Clearwater FL include the Ocean Breeze Beach Party. This party is held during the months of June through August. Seemingly at first glance, this would be a hard event to consider when looking at the other beach lover favorites. However, it is the perfect beach lover's event that a beach lover should attend. With great food, music, and great fun, the Ocean Breeze Beach Party is one of the best Annual Events in Clearwater FL to attend.


The second most popular Annual Event in Clearwater FL is the Winter Fest. This one typically falls in late June or early July. It is a huge benefit to any vacationer to travel to this area and experience this fest. There are activities galore including fireworks, sleigh rides, hot dog and hamburger-eating competitions, and much more.


An interesting place to attend Annual Events in Clearwater FL is the Art Walk. Every year in June, an all day festival is put on to showcase local artists. The artists come from various places in Clearwater as well as places like Jacksonville, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Pensacola, and everywhere else. The competition can be as exciting as the scenery itself! This is a great place for the children to get an education as well as learning about the art world.


If you are a golfer, then there are two very popular Annual Events in Clearwater FL. The Winter Gardens Golf Tournament is held in December and is known as the Winter Gardens Professional Golf Tournament. This tournament is open to all amateur golfers and has been going for many years. This place offers both an adult's tournament and a kids tournament. The event also has many vendors and restaurants so there is plenty to do and see.


For those who love to shop, then the Clearwater Flea Market is the place to go. It is held in early May every year and is a one-day event. This flea market has over twenty local shops along with hundreds of stalls. There are many great things to do at this fair including but not limited to; visiting other flea markets, talking to other vendors, and eating some delicious food. The food at the fair is second to none.


If you love the beach and are looking for a nice place to relax and have a good time, then there are two very popular Annual Events in ClearwaterFL that you should definitely check out. The first one being the Surfside Beach Film Festival. It runs from June through August and features many nationally award winning films. This is definitely something to see if your favorite actor or actresses are in town playing a movie. Other celebrities that stop by include Jimmy Buffett, Trace Ayala, and Kurt Russell.


The second one that I would like to mention has to be the Art and Wine Fest. This one is held in April and it is only held in one location, the InterContinental hotel ClearwaterMarriott. This place is filled with world class dining and fine wines that can satiate any taste. It is a one day event and ticket prices are usually around eight dollars each way. You can usually get in for just ten dollars. There are unlimited beer, wine, and appetizers.


The three events I would like to mention all involve a bit of shopping, though they do run concurrently. If you love fine art and beautiful things in general, then the Art and Wine Market is where you need to go. If you are into antiques and want to find something really unique to buy, then the Flea Market is the place for you. And last but not least, you should check out the Clearwaterwaterfront for the Grand Canyon.


There are many more places that you could go to and enjoy one of these Annual Events. They will give you a glimpse into the rich history of Sarasota and its people. Even if you just have an extra day in town, make sure you see what all there is to do. These are just a few of the many Annual Events that Sarasota has to offer, so check them out for next year. And remember, the key is to just have fun!


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