Army Uproots Dozens Of Olive Trees, Demolish Retaining Walls, Near Bethlehem – – IMEMC News

Israeli soldiers broke into a Palestinian orchard in the village of Wad Rahhal, south of Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank on Thursday, before cutting down and uprooting dozen of olive trees and destroying retaining walls.

Wall and Colonization Resistance Commission’s head of Bethlehem’s office, Hasan Breijiyya, said the soldiers entered the Khallet an-Nahla area of ​​Wad Rahhal village before cutting and uprooting dozens of olive trees that were more than ten years ago Years ago.

Breijiyya added that the soldiers also demolished retaining walls in the area before retreating.

It is worth noting that due to its proximity to the Efrat Colony, which was established on stolen Palestinian territories, the area is subject to constant attacks and abuses by Israeli soldiers and illegal colonialist settlers.

Two days ago, several colonists invaded Khallet an-Nahla and released their cattle to graze on Palestinian crops before the locals intercepted them and drove them out of their land.

On Wednesday, the soldiers invaded the Einoun area in the northern plains of the Jordan Valley in the West Bank before uprooting nearly 10,000 evergreen trees and 300 olive trees.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, soldiers uprooted large parts of Palestinian territory in Hebron Governorate in the southern West Bank to expand an illegal colony and kidnapped a man who was trying to prevent the army from uprooting his land.


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