Cape Coral plans to beautify city areas in 5-year landscaping project


The city of Cape Coral wants to improve the roads and clean up the streets by turning empty grass with flowers and trees.

The city is in the middle of its five-year median landscaping project.

The gateway to Rotary Park and the Westin Cape Coral Resort is located in the Marina Village along Rose Garden Road. Many visitors pass through there every day, so it is paramount to make the route attractive.

Rose Garden Rd. Is accompanied by many medians that separate traffic. Some say there isn’t much to see while driving this route and the city plans to change that.

Cape Coral calls its plan the “Median Landscaping Improvement Project”, a five-year plan to improve the medians on the streets of Cape Coral.

“I think certain areas would actually make the neighborhood better,” said Michael Damiano. “I have to admit that Cape Coral does a wonderful job of keeping things beautiful.”

Damiano has lived in Cape Coral for almost a decade. He believes adding more landscaping to the area will help attract people to the city.

“More people come over, take a look at the neighborhood and see how beautiful it is,” said Damiano. “It will bring in some new people and so in the long run.”

Eva Xioutas makes the trip over the bridge from Fort Myers to the parks of Cape Coral

“I think it’s a really good idea,” said Xioutas. “My friend and I would love to come here, and seeing more nature and beautiful things will just be great fun and make our experience more enjoyable.”

Cape Coral has budgeted more than $ 300,000 each year for the project to improve medians in the city.

During the Cape Coral transportation meeting on Tuesday, city officials will discuss design plans for Rose Garden Road. as well as Chiquita Boulevard.

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