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Sep 1

Cardona Walnut Creek Landscaping Solutions

Choosing the Right Landscaping Service

It can be difficult to determine which landscaping service is right for you. There is no one right answer. Following are questions to consider before you hire a landscaping service:

Is it the right fit? The professional landscaper you are considering is a good fit based on the following:

Initially, there is no one answer to the question you should consider when choosing to hire a landscaper. With so many landscapers to choose from, make sure to choose a service that will be right for you based on your specific tastes and needs.

What services are they able to offer? All professional landscapers offer many different services at various price points. It is helpful to determine what tasks and services you need performed and choose a landscaper who will be able to handle most or all of them with ease.

Are their team members skilled lawn care professionals? Many landscapers hire gardeners and lawn care laborers. Most companies choose to do this as an added cost to their services. In fact, this is a good way to maximize the cost per service. The laborers you hire to work with the landscapers are hired based upon the strength of your own residential or commercial property. So if a gardener is picked for the landscaping service but is not skilled or trained to perform the desired task, then the quality of your lawnCare service cannot be fully restored. Ask for references before hiring a lawn care company and choose one based on your preference.

Will your landscaper offer a warranty on their work? What if, after a few months, the greenery in your lawn is not aesthetically appealing or is not growing properly? That situation usually affects the satisfaction of both the customer and the company. Ask your landscaper for a written guarantee of their work. Get the details in writing so that after the job is completed, you can be certain that it will be the same Again, put your questions both simple and detailed before asking for a written guarantee. You should only pay for a lawn care service once, maybe a couple of times, for all the maintenance.

Does your landscaper present a portfolio? Most busy landscapers will be more than happy to present a portfolio of their work on their website. A portfolio will clarify what experience they have; it can also give you a great idea of how they present their lawn care services.

How is the landscaper's schedule flexible? Having a flexible schedule for your lawn care service will help you keep your schedule's pace easier. Keeping the lawn care service handled well and up and running on a schedule that suits the needs of your customers willing to come and visit can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned and experienced landscapers.

Does your landscaper have a license? Regulations vary by state and from country to country so it is good to know if you need a license for the landscaper you are considering. The license number may be available online or you may be able to locate it through a phone call to the Landscape Contractors licensing board.

Will the landscaper be bonded and insured? Only licensed: Licensed landscape contractors are licensed with a state license authority. Anyone can claim to offer a licensed landscape contractor's services, but are you comfortable asking for proof?

Do you choose the landscape contractor based on price? If you are lucky enough, then yes you should. However, you should not base your decision on price alone because if the price offered is too good to be true, there is probably a reason why it is not. Ask around and ask your friends and family about their lawn care service and have a conversation with everyone you can about the company that is in your area and their reputation. Ask for a very detailed checklist of needs you may want to have done by an established and familiar company, and then make a final selection based upon your high standards for quality of service.

Cardona Walnut Creek Landscaping Solutions

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