City of Greeley begins virtual classes to promote water conservation in landscaping

The residents of Greeley will soon have the opportunity to learn more about the “water-smart summer landscape” in a series of virtual courses.

The Landscape Lecture series helps people select the best plants to work with the existing soil conditions and maximize the current landscape while minimizing water use and maintaining aesthetically pleasing lawns.

Participants learn how to use native plants to create natural habitats to promote drought resistance and maintain the finished area with less harsh chemicals.

The series is particularly important, says the city, due to the drought conditions in the west of the country. These lessons will help promote water conservation, which will be important as the state transitions into the spring and summer months.

Residents can register for the courses through the Landscape Lecture Series website ( While the classes are free, the class sizes are limited.

Upcoming classes

February 24 – Lawn: Organically remove, replace or maintain

  • Remove dirt without harsh chemicals
  • Replace lawns with “climate-friendly plantings”
  • Keep lawn in place by organic methods
  • Dealing with weeds, pests and diseases

The Green Gardens Group (G3) will teach the class and must be registered through their website ( The number of people who can enroll in the class is limited in the city. Therefore, only people who can participate should register.

March 10th – tarpaulins and plants in dry shade

  • How to decide which plants to use
  • Determine if a location has a deep, speckled, or moving shadow

Amy Lentz, CSU Extension Horticulture Agent for Weld County will be the keynote speaker on the subject. Register on the city’s Landscape Lecture Series website.

March 24th – Grouping of compatible plants

  • Determine how plants should be grouped based on their aesthetics
  • Keep plants with similar requirements for water, soil, and exposure together

Plant Select Executive Director Ross Shrigley will be the keynote speaker. Registration takes place on the Greeley website.

April 7th – humans and pollination

  • Importance of bees and structure of their habitat
  • Importance of promoting strategies and practices to enable humans and pollinators to live together positively
  • Discussion of land management improvements, pesticide reduction and strategic planning for humans and bees
  • People and Pollinators Network Initiative

Beekeeper and past president of the Colorado Beekeeping Association, Beth Conrey, will be the speaker for this class. Register on the Landscape Lecture website.

All courses take place at 6 p.m. This list of courses contains the current courses. However, additional courses will be posted on the Greeley website. If you have any questions, please contact Ruth Quade, Water Conservation Administrator at Greeley, at (970) 350-9874.

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