Cleaning up dead landscaping after this month’s historic Texas cold

When you bring your rotting vegetation to the San Antonio bio-recycling centers, you also have the option of bringing fresh mulch home.

SAN ANTONIO – Everywhere you look there are references to this month’s historic winter storms.

Humble or rugged, the local landscapes have been beaten, and now that the warmer days return in San Antonio, much of what has died is beginning to decompose and smell bad.

Managers in the city’s solid waste department say tonnage typically triples in March. But this year they believe the increase will be even bigger.

“The freezing made it worse because everyone lost so much leaves and caused so much damage and it will keep busy as we come into spring,” said Marcus Lee of the solid waste department.

Lee says anyone who uses their green bio bin for recycling should be careful not to overload the cart.

Lee says because the damage is so great, many are choosing to dump dead vegetation into the city’s bio-recycling centers – and they are popping up in droves.

To make the job less painful, Lee says, bring your patience and make sure you plan your load out.

“It is a city ordinance that you have to put a tarpaulin over it. This is not a network and it not only binds it tight. It’s a real tarpaulin and there is a fee if you don’t secure it with a tarpaulin, ”says Lee.

The cost to get rid of the rot is only three cents per twenty pounds.

“We’ll weigh you on the way in and after you’ve put all your brush down, we’ll weigh you on the way out,” Lee said. “And whatever the math is, that’s what you pay for. So it’s very reasonable. “

Lee added that those who visit the center have the added benefit of going home with a load of mulch. Coarsely ground mulch is readily available and free. Finely ground mulch sells for three cents a pound.

According to Lee, adding mulch to a damaged landscape can save money on water bills and help plants recover from storms faster.

To learn more about the process, click here.

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