Commercial Landscaping Company Discusses the Recent Vandalization of Endangered Plants in Hawaii – Press Release

Pensacola, Fla.Heroman Services Plant Company offers both residential and commercial space in Pensacola, FL. As a company made up of professionals passionate about plants, they are saddened by the recent destruction of endangered plants in a Ministry of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) greenhouse. This devastating event took place in Oahu, Hawaii.

Susan Ching and her team had spent countless hours gathering seeds and the right materials to begin growing the ‘Opuhe Plant and Ma’oli’oli Plant. They had planted and cared for these new plants in the DLNR greenhouse in Waimano. When vandals broke in earlier this month and destroyed these beautiful plants, the team was devastated.

The ‘Opuhe plant is an endangered flowering plant that is currently only found in the Wai’anae highlands. Likewise, the ma’oli’oli plant is an endangered flowering plant, but it is found on the slopes of Le’ahi. Both plants are extremely rare, so Ching and her team are passionate about preserving them. When the team found that the ‘Opuhe and Ma’oli’oli plants were destroyed after the vandals broke in and did their damage, the team knew there was now a large bump in the way of cultivation and conservation these plants gave. Ching estimates that it will take four to five months for them to recover. However, Ching is not discouraged. The team looks forward to a strong recovery and the Heroman Services Plant Company hopes the new plants will be stronger than ever!

An investigation has opened, so those with information about the crime are asked to call the DLNR tip number: (808) 634-3567.

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