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Dandelions Got You Down? Get Rid Of Them Using These Suggestions

Oct 26

The first thing you need to do is identify where they are and how to get at them. Usually, you will find them on the grass, but you should also check the soil. Check carefully for dandelions that may be hidden under the grass. If you see them, dig a few holes, place a tarp over them, and cover them with a bag or trash bag. This will keep the grass from getting damaged while you are removing the dead dandelions.

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Now, you should go back to your yard and dig another hole. Make sure that the hole is deep enough so that the dandelion roots can get a firm hold. If you dig a hole too shallow, the roots will be able to slip through. Also, if you dig a hole too deep, the dandelion may simply wash away, leaving your yard intact.


Once you have your new location, take a new pot and fill it about two-thirds full with topsoil. Add one tablespoon of bleach per 5-inch lawn space. If you live in the southern United States, be sure to put the bleach in the sunlight or the chemicals will become ineffective. Allow the grass to sit in the water for about an hour. You might also want to put a sprinkler or a net over the grass so that any debris floating into the water will fall to the ground instead of staying in the air.


Be sure to work quickly. The sun wil burn the grass off even faster. Once you have finished removing all of the dandelions, you are going to have a nice-looking lawn once more. However, there are other, easier ways to get rid of them. Here are some tips:


Look at your lawn on a regular basis. Most people tend to plant their grass when it is just starting to grow. If you do that, you will only see dandelions in the short-term. In a few months or years, they will be nearly invisible. If you wait until then, you will be seeing more dandelions.


Get rid of weeds in the summer. Allowing dandelions to grow in your lawn is part of what gives it the unsightly green appearance. Cutting the grass short in the summer will make it easier for them to get to the ground level and start growing. You should also pull the weeds that grow in your lawn when they start growing tall.


Put a weed barrier between your lawn and your house. If you have a fence, put a weed barrier between the two. If not, you can buy a weed barrier and spread it along your lawn. This is going to help keep the weeds from getting to the ground level. It will also keep dandelions from growing through it and ending up killing your grass.


Use fertilizer. Fertilizer helps control the dandelions that you see on your lawn. It is going to kill the roots and the bulb that it forms, so they are going to die off much faster than if you didn't use any fertilizer. You should also check into what organic fertilizers are good for controlling dandelions and other grass growth that you have in your lawn.


Get rid of your grass clippings. If you find dead grass clippings on your lawn, there is a chance that they have been seared in the hot sun or burned on the ground. They have chemicals in them that could be hurting your grass and making it more susceptible to disease and insect infestations. You will need to get rid of them as soon as you can so that you can have your healthy lawn again.


Mow your lawn frequently. One of the worst things that you can do is mow your lawn too often, because you will be killing all of the natural living parts of your lawn. These living things, such as roots, will need to be taken care of in order for them to continue being healthy. Dead grasses are going to attract more weeds, which is only going to make your dandelions grow even more!


Purchase some anti-dandelion weed killers at the local nursery. These products are easy to use and will help get rid of your dandelions quickly and efficiently. You should start seeing results fairly quickly once you start using these products. It's a great way to get rid of the dandelions in your lawn in the fastest way possible!

Rolando Aquilar Landscaping    North Tustin    CA

North Tustin    CA

Rolando Aquilar Landscaping    North Tustin    CA