EPS Landscaping & Tree Service Is Fast Becoming Fort Lauderdale’s Most Versatile Tree Trimming Service – Press Release

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC has long been proud to be one of the most comprehensive tree care services in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. This includes being one of the leading tree care specialists in the region. This service just got better as many new tree species have been added to the list of trees they are highly qualified to prune. That includes the crew’s ability to prune any type of palm that grows in Broward County. The greater variety of tree pruning tasks they are now performing is expected to help make this company one of the most sought after tree care services in the Fort Lauderdale and vicinity.

Greg O’Connell, co-owner of the company, said, “Felling trees is one of the most important tree maintenance jobs home and business owners should be doing on a regular basis. This is because cutting down trees not only helps keep trees looking better in a landscape, but also helps trees and the surrounding vegetation to remain healthier. Felling trees must also be done at the right time of year and properly so as not to harm the tree being cut. For this reason, it is always best to leave the felling of trees to experienced tree professionals like me and the other crew leaders in my company. “

The company owner gave some examples of the tree pruning services they offer and the benefits of those services. One of the most important of these is deadwood. This promotes tree health by removing branches that are dead, growing unhealthily, or infected with insects or diseases. He added that there is also a crown thinning that allows useful sun, wind, and moisture to get inside a tree more easily, and a crown elevation that eliminates lower branches to create clear paths through a yard. It has also been mentioned that tree felling is used to reshape trees to look better and promote healthy growth patterns.

The company’s pruning services have also been rated very positively by those who have used them. Bryan Cook stated, “When I called this company they came out and exceeded my expectations. I recommended EPS to all of my friends. They offer everything you need for your landscaping from a single source. “O’Connell also spoke about the importance of his company having a palm service that focuses on trimming. He noted that there are few lots in Broward County that don’t have at least one species of palm on them and that there are many different lots. This 5-star rating from the Google My Business profile is testament to how good this company has got at palm trimming. Gina Maria Marin wrote, “I called EPS Landscaping and Tree Service to cut my palms before the last tropical storm. Not only do my palms look amazing, but I also didn’t have to be outside after the storm to pick up something from my yard. The team was knowledgeable and accommodating, and the customer service is exceptional. Greg and Jessica will take proper care of you! “

According to O’Connell, the list of essential tree services doesn’t start and end with pruning either. They are also specialists in removing trees and removing stumps that this tree task leaves behind. He says that as arborists you never like to see trees fall, but if they grow too close to houses and power lines, or a landscape is crowded with them, removing one or more of them can be very beneficial. As an alternative to tree removal, EPS can even help a home or business owner move smaller trees in their yard if they become a nuisance where they currently stand. The company owner talked about how he is also very knowledgeable in helping a customer choose new tree species to add to his landscape and then plant those trees for the customer.

More information about EPS Landscaping & Tree Service can be found on the website, on Google Maps and on the Facebook page.


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