EPS Landscaping & Tree Service Offers Palm Tree Services – Press Release

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is proud to announce that they offer a variety of palm trimming and palm removal services. Trimming palm trees is critical to the shape of the tree when the foliage is already overgrown. Removing palm trees may also be necessary if a tree dies or is dead, or if more space is needed in the yard, e.g. B. When adding a swimming pool, garden, or new building such as a detached garage. It is also possible that the tree was felled by a storm and that it needs to be removed, especially if it poses a danger to people and the house or building.

Greg O’Connell, co-founder of EPS Landscaping, says, “Broward County, Florida is an excellent environment for palm trees, but they require the same care as other trees. Sometimes the dead fronds can be a fire hazard, but they can also look nasty in your yard. And as with other trees, you can choose to remove a palm. Palm removal is required if your tree is dead or dies altogether. Your palm roots can grow more than you think, so getting rid of them with the rest of the tree is important. “

Trimming palm trees is an important service in shaping the tree when the foliage is overgrown. Such palms can have hanging dead fronds that can pose a fire hazard. Such fronds also do not look attractive and can spoil the attractiveness of the house. And it is often recommended that the best time of year for palm pruning is in spring as the weather would be relatively calm. When there isn’t a lot of wind, tree experts find it easier to visualize the shape of the palm tree. It is also advisable not to trim the palm more than necessary. It is important to leave as many healthy fronds as possible to protect the palm.

Removing palm trees is another essential service provided by EPS Landscaping & Tree Service. The palm roots may grow and expand more than expected. In this case, this palm would have to be removed. Removing a palm tree may also be necessary if you are adding anything to the garden to add value to the home.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is a professional tree care provider based in Broward County, FL. They have tree specialists to remove, trim or plant. Homeowners and other property owners can contact EPS Landscaping. They send an arborist to evaluate the tree and suggest the range of tree care services needed and the best steps to take. The tree specialists could find out if there are any signs of dead limbs or disease and eliminate them. They have the equipment and tools to cut trees in Broward County and help keep the yard looking satisfactory.

Removing a tree isn’t just for those who are sick or damaged. Although perfectly healthy, some trees need to be removed as they are not really suitable for densely populated places like cities. These are trees with roots that are usually too spread out to reach the neighbor’s property. Their roots can also reach underground structures and cause damage. Hence, such trees must be removed from a property before the homeowner or property owner experiences a number of problems.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service may also offer tree relocation, especially for people moving to another home. Moving a tree is not an easy task and also requires the help of tree experts to avoid damaging the tree. You have the experience and the right tools to safely move a tree to its new location.

Homeowners and other property owners interested in learning more about the palm tree services offered by EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC may want to visit their website or contact them by phone or email. They are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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