Equipment damaged at Luke Landscaping after fire late Monday night

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The dispute between Nicola Sturgeon and Rangers FC escalates after the chaos at the weekend

Nicola Sturgeon has accused Rangers of not doing “almost enough” to discourage fans from publicly celebrating their title win, escalating the extraordinary war of words between their government and the football club. Speaking in Holyrood on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said she shared the “anger and despair” of the public at the “shameful and selfish” mass gatherings held in Glasgow over the weekend. She claimed that “certain football clubs” need to “show a lot more leadership”. Their comments came shortly after an angry counter-argument by Rangers in which the club encountered “totally inaccurate” comments from SNP ministers and accused Ms. Sturgeon of showing a lack of leadership by not dealing directly with the club. Rangers’ Ibrox Stadium is in Ms. Sturgeon’s constituency, Glasgow. In a letter to the First Minister, Douglas Park, chairman of the Rangers, said the club was “at a loss” as to what else he could have done to prevent the chaos. He listed several cases where management “proactively worked with Police Scotland, the SPFL, the Scottish Government and Justice Minister Humza Yousaf”. Returning to John Swinney’s Monday comments accusing Rangers of deafening silence over the wild festivities, Mr. Park said Ms. Sturgeon’s deputy had “failed to mention a host of other public gatherings where you did not hold such a strong line to have “. The SNP ministers were more measured in their criticism of anti-racism demonstrations that took place in Scotland in the summer.

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