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It’s been a big week for a small, women-owned company in Philadelphia called Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

The 28-year-old landscaping company came into the spotlight on Nov. 7 when President Donald Trump’s lawyers held a press conference there. Trump first announced that the press conference would be held at the Four Seasons Hotel across town, apparently after assuming it would be in a more upscale location.

The internet wasted no time pointing out the deliciousness of Trump’s mistake, and soon Four Seasons Total Landscaping became an instant Philadelphia landmark.

Reuters / Mark Makela

Landmark parking lot.

Media trucks and selfie hounds alighted en masse at Four Season’s nondescript headquarters off Interstate I-95. Fans hand in steaks and fruit baskets and ask to renew their vows in the parking lot where Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, was holding a press conference. There’s a Saturday Night Live sketch about the locale, a VR simulation, and inevitably a zoom background. The company’s social media grew by several thousand.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Screenshot of an Instagram story from the Four Seasons Total Landscaping account.

After initially resisting the avalanche of snarky jokes, Four Seasons decided to lean into the madness of the election debacle. In doing so, it will become a beacon for small businesses affected by the shutdown of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the US, small businesses are hardest hit by the economic shutdown. A recent study by Yelp confirms that nearly 100,000 independent businesses have been forced to shut down permanently since March. In Philadelphia, 63% of small businesses suffered losses.

Four Seasons founder Marie Siravo has turned down media requests for interviews but has launched a range of irresistibly cheesy merchandise with slogans such as “Lawn and Order”, “In Sod We Trust” and “Make America Rake Again”.

Siravo has also featured other women-owned companies on their social media accounts, boosting Beauty and Braidzzz, a braiding salon owned by her niece Nicole Macrone, and Pecks Heavy Friction, a California truck parts company. “We’re doing something new!” announced Siravo on Instagram from Four Season. “Due to a difficult year for small businesses, FSTL will be looking to shout-outs through our social media to help small businesses.”

Four Seasons is also helping sponsor an 11 mile charity run from its location to the Four Seasons hotel in Center City. The “Fraud Street Run” event on November 29 will benefit a communal kitchen.

Macrone explains that her aunt wanted to get the attention to help the troubled businesses in town. “It was a coincidence and they wanted to make something positive out of it,” she tells Quartz.

Macrone, who also teaches Spanish at a local high school, adds that Siravo served as a role model in starting her business. “She built her business from the ground up. She told me never to look back. ”

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