Gearing Up For Spring Landscaping – NBC Connecticut

The last of the snow is melting and you can prepare yourself to create a little spring landscape.

There is no shortage of home improvement at New England Silica in South Windsor. But that wasn’t the case last year when the pandemic sparked a boom in home improvement. And now with the weather turning towards spring, supplies are expected to sell again quickly.

“The phones are starting to ring. Temperatures are rising. It’s a good thing. Spring seems to be here after a pretty long winter,” said Steve Walowski, co-owner of Hillside Landscaping and HLC Organic.

Contractors like Walowski expect another busy season, like last year.

“We found that a lot of people don’t go on vacation and they have decided to take the money they would spend on travel and spend it around the house,” Walowski said.

Ethan Reid from Glastonbury took the opportunity to redesign his pool deck.

“We thought this year, especially with the pandemic and everyone stuck at home, it was time to do so,” Reid said.

However, the rise in projects meant a surge in demand for supplies such as paving stones and bricks, and even for nursery items such as trees and shrubs.

“Manufacturers didn’t necessarily count on the volume of material to be used across the state,” said Walowski.

However, suppliers are optimistic that they can meet demand this year.

“We have encouraged all of our contractors and home improvement enthusiasts to place their orders as soon as possible,” said Andrea Jones of New England Silica. “That way we can have them delivered on time.”

If you want to have some landscaping done on your home this spring or summer, make arrangements now as landscaping companies book quickly.

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