Giuliani to Be First Guest of Lou Dobbs Total Landscaping

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – Lou Dobbs has selected Rudy Giuliani as the first guest of his new media company Lou Dobbs Total Landscaping.

Dobbs said his new show will offer “more freedom” than his Fox Business Show because there will be no cameras to record it.

“Since it won’t be on TV or on the internet, we can let it rip,” said Dobbs. “Me and my guest just sit on garden chairs in a landscaping company’s parking lot and yell at passers-by. It’s a dream format for me. “

Dobbs advised Giuliani not to “hold back” during his appearance on LDTL and to “spit out the first unsubstantiated allegations that come to mind”.

“There is no way he can ever be sued because no one will ever see or hear him,” Dobbs said. “Take this, break off culture.”

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