Growth Drivers in Playground Artificial Grass Turf Market Segmentation by Top Companies, Demand, Production, Applications, Regions & Revenue Forecast till 2026

Technological advances in the artificial turf playground, product launches and collaborations offer lucrative growth opportunities in this industry on a global and regional level. The increasing investments in playground artificial turf regions, revenue opportunities, top companies and challenges are indicated. This report examines the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic that are causing a fall in demand, as well as various government initiatives. The wide range of end uses, main types of playground artificial turf, sales and distributors are indicated. Regional analysis includes North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and MEA. The report contains important information on artificial turf playground that is closest to income. The competitive landscape offers comprehensive insights into suitable go-to-market strategies. It also lists market drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities.

The top providers with their company profiles and business analyzes are:

Shaw Sports Turf
Ten cate
Hellas construction
SportGroup Holding
ACT Global Sports
Controlled products
CoCreation Grass
Domo sport grass
Global Syn-Turf, Inc.
Challenger Industries
Mondo SpA
Polytan GmbH
Sports field stocks

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The report aims to provide new revenue streams for artificial turf in playgrounds by developing new use cases, technologies, product offerings, customer partners and M&A targets. Reports Check Analyst offers a holistic research ecosystem so that our customers can benefit from exclusive insights. We have a dedicated customer care team that takes care of collecting requirements, processing queries, and all other support activities. Reports Check provides insights and analysis of the artificial playground turf industry for smarter decision making. The key drivers of demand are an increase in R&D expenditure, quality control measures, and demand from manufacturers for artificial playground grass.

The report deals with the main product types mentioned below: Tufted grass 10 and 25 mm type

At the application / end-user level, the following points are dealt with: School playground
Public playground

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The fastest growing regional market for artificial turf for playgrounds with a market size in USD Mn and CAGR from 2021 to 2026 is calculated. The country-specific market size and the CAGR are also given. The demand for playground artificial turf in each region with production capacity is indicated. The associated manufacturing costs and the desired ROI are also analyzed in this study. The adjacent market analysis is also carried out by the Reportscheck team of analysts.

The report starts with the Playground Artificial Grass Research Goals, Inclusions and Exclusions, Market Segmentation, Restrictions, and Stakeholder Analysis. The entire research process is represented by Reports Check in the form of primary and secondary research data. The primary sources, secondary sources, breakdown of the primary interviews and insights into the artificial turf industry on the playground are provided. The market size estimate using the bottom-up approach to the demand side for artificial turf in playgrounds is calculated. Also, the market size on the supply side is calculated by analyzing the market size.

The report cites the competitive landscape study in the form of product launches, a five-year sales analysis for playground artificial turf from top companies and a market share analysis. Report check also provides the company evaluation matrix, the product footprint for artificial playground turf by company and region. We also offer the startup / SME evaluation quadrant for 2020. The top companies analysis gives the business overview, products offered, recent developments and SWOT analysis.

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The report consists of top-down and bottom-up approaches to estimate market size, revenue, import-export, and demand, as well as supply analysis for artificial turf in playgrounds. The secondary data comes from company records, annual reports, investor presentations, and the company’s financial statements. The qualitative and quantitative information on the playground’s demand and supply for artificial turf is gathered through paid primary interviews with industry experts such as CEOs, vice presidents, marketing directors, R&D directors and other key opinion leaders.

The revenue from each artificial turf playground for each product type, the application is also calculated. In addition, the forecast market size and market value by region and country are offered. The regulations, trade analysis, product launches, developments, collaborations in the playground artificial turf industry and the prospects are mentioned. The impact of the pandemic on market growth, demand, supply and availability of raw materials in 2020 will be analyzed.

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