GTK: Brant England, owner of landscaping company

Brant and Cathi England are the owners of Donovan’s Landscaping.

Brant England, based in Maricopa since 2005, owns Donovan’s Landscaping.

Hometown: Florence
Live in: Hidden valley
Maricopan since: 2005
Occupation: Owner, Donovan’s Landscaping LLC
Family: My beautiful wife Cathi and our children Jacob, 14, Chris, 32, Liz, 26 and Christine, 29.
Pets: Our pets are nice enough to let us live here, we just pay the mortgage! Horse (Snickers), cat (Charlie), six chickens and two Australian miniature shepherds (Dottie and Bella)
Cars: Dodge Ram and GMC Sierra
Hobbies: Horses and Camping
Tease Pet: Sloppiness
Dream holiday: Hut in the mountains by a lake
Like most about Maricopa: How the community always comes together to help people in need
How least of all about Maricopa: 347

Darling …

Charity: Habitat for humanity
Movie: “Junk literature”
Actor: Kurtwood Smith, who played Red Forman on “That ’70s Show”
Song: “Moon baby”
Musician: Godsmack
Team: Go Cardinals !!!
Athlete: Martin Truex Jr.
Eat: Tamales
Drink: orange juice
Enjoy the meal: Steak and potatoes
Restaurant: Raceway and Headquarters – love them both!
Short vacation: lakeside
Quote: Be kind whenever possible
Words to follow: Be happy
Joke: What if you throw a green stone into the Red Sea? – It’s getting wet.
What else should we know? I am so proud to be a member of this community. Whenever a voice is heard from someone in need, the community is always ready to help. We love it here.

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