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Here are some lawn care tips and tricks

Oct 9

Here are some lawn care tips and tricks


You have worked hard to get your lawn. Learning how to care for your lawn will make backyard entertaining and lush grass a reality. Here is a step by step guide to help you care for your lawn.


It's exciting to take care of your first lawn. You envision lush green turf and a wonderful time with your friends. Follow this list of helpful tips from our experts to help you reach your goals.


Use the soil test to determine your soil's pH


Healthy lawns can depend on the soil. You can determine the "health" and amount of fertilizer or lime required to promote grass growth. For great results in seeding new areas this spring, contact your county extension office or agricultural agent for information on soil testing kits and other reliable laboratories.


Find the root cause of the problem


Once you have the test results, it is easy to turn your recommendations into projects. Correct problems now; don't risk repeats. You can improve the lawn's potential by using soil amendments that conform to laboratory recommendations. Lime, as an example, helps restore soil pH balance so that grasses can absorb available nutrients. First, hit the hardest spots and then repair any bare patches.


Your Region's Knowledge of Grass


An exceptional lawn is possible when you are knowledgeable about the best grasses available in your area. The quality and variety of seed that you choose will depend on your location, whether it is in shade or sun, and if you have any weeds.


Proper Seeding



It doesn't matter if you are planting new areas or reseeding an existing lawn, timing is important. You need to plan according to seasons and when to sow seeds to ensure that you have healthy patches of green throughout the year. Do not make rookie mistakes such as a poor installation. Knowing how much seed you should apply per square foot will ensure that you get the best yield and minimize waste. Last but not least, remember that choosing a company to back your seeds is a huge difference.


Fight Lawn Weeds


Untreated weeds can multiply and become multiple lawn problems. To kill off weeds, avoid using pre-emergent pesticides or combination fertilizers/pesticides that are meant to prevent seed germination in the soil as they will also inhibit new grass seeds from growing properly.


Water Management


Lawn grasses will grow best when they are watered more deeply and at shorter intervals. Regular watering is too shallow and can lead to weak roots, which are more susceptible to drought stress. You can cut down on water consumption by using smart seed varieties and water practices. In turn, you will grow healthier, more resilient grass that needs up to 30% less water each year than normal seeds.


There are many things that you need to do for lawn care services in each month. However, a Pennington's water rate calculator will help you figure out which tasks. The system calculates the water requirements based on where you live using real-time statistics and weather information.

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