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The recent and newest Artificial Turf Market report provides a general overview from a global industry perspective. The artificial turf industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of XX.XX% over the projection period. The study provides a comprehensive market overview of Artificial Grass and a comprehensive view of past market trends, performance and market outlook through 2025.

The report highlights the highly fragmented artificial turf market and its vibrancy. The report includes a detailed study of the market that sets forth future opportunities in accordance with previous trends. In addition, the report introduces artificial turf markets based on components (solutions and services), deployment types, applications and regions in terms of growth trends and contributions to the overall market.

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What does this report say?

Artificial Turf Turf Industry report puts great emphasis on key industry players to identify potential growth drivers and future opportunities based on past marketing activities. These additional elements in the report are expected to accelerate market growth over the projection horizon. The market is expected to see positive growth in the forecast years due to a number of key factors driving growth in this market. The Key Profiles section covers the detailed profiles of the key players and their essential contribution to market growth.

Basic companies included in this report: Ten Cate, Shaw Sports Turf, FieldTurf (Tarkett), CoCreation Grass, Polytan GmbH, Domo Sports Grass, ACT Global Sports, SIS parking spaces, Limonta Sport, Edelgras BV, Unisport-Saltex Oy, GreenVision / Mattex, Mondo SpA, Juta, Condor Grass, Nurteks, Taishan, Victoria PLC, ForestGrass, Forbex, Hellas Construction, Sports Group Holding, Controlled Products, Sprinturf, TurfStore, Global Syn-Turf, DowDuPont, Challenger Industries

Market by application:
School yard
Public playground

Market by types:
PP artificial grass
PE artificial turf
Synthetic turf made of nylon

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The market research for artificial turf presents a study in which primary and secondary research are combined. The report gives insights into the key factors for generating and limiting market growth. Additionally, the report examines competitive developments such as mergers and acquisitions, new partnerships, new contracts, and new product developments in the global Artificial Turf Market. The past trends and future prospects contained in this report make it very understandable for analyzing the market. In addition, the latest trends, product portfolio, demographics, geographic segmentation and legal framework of the artificial turf market were included in the study.

Global Artificial Turf Market Research Report 2020

  • Market artificial turf lawn General general view
  • Global competition in the artificial turf market from leading players and suppliers
  • Global regional analysis of artificial turf and its production capacity
  • Global artificial turf supply, consumption and demand in terms of export, import
  • Global artificial turf production, income (value), price development by type
  • Global Artificial Grass Market Analysis by Segmentation
  • Global profiles / analyzes of manufacturers of artificial turf
  • Analysis of the manufacturing costs for artificial turf, marked price
  • SWOT and PEST analysis – competence and existing position
  • Industry chain, procurement strategy and downstream customers

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Finally, the statement analyzes SWOT, BCG and PESTLE in order to summarize the information contained in the world market report for artificial turf. Competitive analysis makes it easier for readers to plan their business accordingly and make informed and strategic decisions according to the market scenario. For more information on the report, please contact Regal Intelligence. “

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