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How to landscape around a deck for your back yard

Oct 11

How to landscape around a deck for your back yard


A backyard deck is the best place to relax and entertain. Remember to plant flowers, too! A landscaping company in Frankfort ky can improve the enjoyment of your outdoor space. It is a great idea considering how many people spend their time there, whether it be on sunny days or when they gather at a table together. It is important to first remove any turf. (We recommend hiring professionals if possible). This will allow you to make it easier when installing new edging such as stone stairs/slabs. The next step is to decide what kind of landscape plants best suits both style preferences. Continue reading to learn more about what works best.


The Selection of the Plant


Once you have an idea about what plants to plant around your deck's perimeter, everything else will be easy. First, choose a few taller shrubs or small trees that look good in the area. This will allow you to see the view from your home. Choose smaller perennials and ornamental lawns to go alongside the first ones. Do not plant more than one type, unless it is intended as partial shade that provides relief during summer heat. Be sure to choose plants that can withstand cold temperatures below 0°F (-18°C).


Define the Boundaries


Once you have decided on the plants that will grace your new deck it is time to organize them in a rough layout. This will give you an idea of how much space we will need and where the landscape border should go. Garden hosing can be used as temporary markers until you create something more pleasing with paint.


Layout Landscape Fabric


You can also cover the ground with landscape fabric once you are done landscaping around your deck. This will minimize weeding. Mulch can also be used to fertilize your garden without the need for soil fertilizing. This should be placed in such a way as to not leave any gaps between the plants. You can also use pins along borders to help stabilize the layers and keep them tightly against eachother.


Final layout of plants


You are now one step closer towards your new outdoor living area. Now, take a deep breath and admire the view. It's true, I said "new." This is why we are using pots. It's temporary. However, when these tiny plants grow into more elaborate plants, all bets will go out the window. Because who doesn’t love customization? Be aware of how dense things become between different types and vegetation to make sure those who don't have much space can find shelter under many trees.


Dig Holes and Plant Your Favorites


When you're done laying the garden out, dig one hole for each plant. Next, add soil and fill in any spaces with dirt. Together, these plants create a beautiful landscape design.