How to Save Your Yard and Landscaping After The Storm

It is likely that all of this foliage damage will fall off your shrubs and trees, which is normal when a plant is trying to rejuvenate itself.

Fruit trees that bloomed and then went through the frost, these blooms will likely fall off. They probably won’t have production this year, but they should be producing food the following year.

  • Tips for damaged shrubs and bushes
  • Wipe the cutting tools and disinfect the blade after each cut
  • Cut damaged small branches to just above a bud or intersection with another branch
  • Use a handsaw to saw off large damaged branches, the damaged branch meeting a larger branch
  • Cut off torn, shredded or loosely hanging bark from the bush
  • Monitor the shrub for dieback, especially if the shrub was leafless during the storm

For more tips, check out the South Texas Gardeners Facebook group here.

(KENS) Photo: Getty / Rick Loomis

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