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Impact windows help reduce noise too - ABEX Windows 2021 insights

Jul 8

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In general, there are two sets of reasons for people to install impact doors and windows  - those who want to lessen outside noise and those who choose them due to their resistance against external forces. The latter is probably the main reason why these products have seen an increase in popularity in areas such as Florida, the Pacific Northwest, and Australia.

Many people are unaware of the ways impact-resistant doors and windows can reduce noise in homes. Some think that they only function in hurricane-prone areas, while others assume they are mainly installed to replace older versions without the same technology.

Many homeowners who have opted for impact doors and windows, however, have found that these products are not only beneficial against the winds of a hurricane, but they also can provide added protection against the noisy sounds of outside activities. Built with sturdy frames and multiple layers of insulation, impact doors and windows stand up against forceful rain and hail storms as well.

Due to the inherent thickness of multi-layered glass and the use of sturdier framing materials and sealants, impact doors and windows reduce the infiltration of outside sounds by up to 40%. In order to resist extreme conditions without shattering, impact windows are built with several thick layers of tempered glass held together by shatterproof membranes, usually made from durable plastics. Their overall thickness ranges from 7/16” to 9/16”, as compared to typical single pane glass measuring an average of 1/8”.

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