IN THE YARD: When landscaping around your home, consider security | Home & Garden

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VON STUART SUTPHIN Contributing Columnist

Spring will be here soon.

Many of us plan ahead what to plant and where. Many of us plant regardless of long-term effects.

There are many things to consider when choosing and using the planting sites. Underground utilities and overhead lines must be taken into account. Are the plants we want to use getting too big for us to plant? How will we water the plants in the first few years until they are established and take care of them in other ways? Will they even grow in the cold hardiness zone we live in (USDA Zone 7)?

There is one more thing to consider here: the security of your home and your family. As I travel around Southside, I see a number of potential problems that gardeners have planted in their homes. I will try to discuss some of the most common problems and offer possible solutions.

Foundation plantings look great. They hide the brick and cement foundations around our houses and, with proper planning, complement the overall appearance of our houses. They can also be a potential security issue.

Most of the plantings I’ve looked at seem fine. The plants are short and wide apart. But some have large plants, many are evergreen and form a thick hedge. This can be a good hiding place for bad people. Deciduous plants are mostly a problem in summer as they have leaves, but evergreen plants can be a problem year round.

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