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Longer days and warmer temperatures slowly creep in as we approach spring. Greet this new season by preparing your landscape for the changes to come so that you can enjoy your nature as much as possible!

Start your “spring cleaning” outside. Put on some gloves and remove any debris that has built up in your yard. Rake through lawns and garden beds to remove dead grass, dried leaves, pine needles, twigs, etc. By removing this excess straw, your lawn can breathe and your plants can grow. Tidy up your perennials by cutting off any dead stems or leaves.

Early March is a good time to prune your shrubs and trees. Proactively cut off dangerous limbs before they fall from your tree and give it shape for new growth. Now, keep your bushes pruned to avoid wild overgrowth in April, May and June.

Mulch is one of landscaping best friends. It helps with moisture retention and weighs down weeds that cannot sprout. Fill your soil with fresh mulch to support your plants for the coming season. Just be careful not to choke any potential perennials that may be budding.

Keep clean lines between your lawn and other elements or hardscapes in your garden by edging its perimeter. Mow the grass first, then clean up the remaining edges. This allows you to define the lines between your landscaping and your lawn for a sharp and clean appearance. Trex decking or other wood composite products are ideal as edge protection.

Your grass should ideally be fertilized shortly after or before light rain. So plan accordingly with those March showers that we had. Now is the time to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive in spring.

A little preparation can go a long way (or grow!). Put these tasks on your landscaping task list before spring hits. The leaves will soon turn green, the flowers bloom, the sun is shining and you are already basking in a beautifully manicured garden!

Justin White is the CEO of K&D Landscaping, headquartered in Watsonville, California, and was named Business of the Year 2020 by the Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce. White is also the current president of the local chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) on the central coast. He is involved in several nonprofits across the community. For more information on landscaping, outdoor and gardening requirements, contact K&D Landscaping at kndlandscaping.com

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