Lagoa replace grass with artificial turf to save water

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The first installations of artificial turf in many public areas of the municipality of Lagoa are already visible. The total area to be replaced is 3725 m2.

The urbanization Lagoa Sol is the area with the largest grass area to be replaced, ie about 2600 m2. The roundabout at the entrance to Lagoa and the adjacent flower beds and the area next to the water supply are two other points that will benefit from this work.

The new grass will be applied gradually once needs have been identified and analyzed. The aim is to use artificial turf in places where it is only decorative and to leave the natural grass in places where the population uses it. With these changes, the council executive intends to reduce unnecessary water consumption and maintenance costs in these areas.

The mission to preserve public space and reduce water consumption is carried out by the Council of Lagoa as a plan consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, namely the sixth, which proposes “availability and a to ensure sustainable drinking water management “.

2021 is the second year in a row that the municipality of Lagoa has chosen sustainability as an inspirational theme in its political action. Measures such as replacing natural grass, which requires high water consumption, for artificial turf “appear to be linked to the best practice in resource management, especially in an area where water scarcity is a growing problem,” said the municipality of Lagoa.

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