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Landmarks in Anaheim

Sep 30

What are Landmarks in Anaheim California? Well, these are names that any visitor to this part of Orange County will recognize. An Anaheim has a lot to offer, from the beaches to sprawling suburbs. However, it also has a rich ethnic history with a distinctly California flavor. There are many sites that one might find interesting, whether you are planning to see the Landmarks in Anaheim, or just to enjoy a holiday!


The first of these Landmarks in Anaheim is Balboa Park. In fact, the park was founded in 1875, on the site of what is now the Balboa Park downtown. From a Spanish settlement, the park was named after San Francisco entrepreneur, Donizo Almenar, who wanted a spot for his sailing ship in the Pacific Ocean. Today, you can find a lovely pier, houseboat, and sailing ship at the site.


Next, on our list is the Alhambra, Mexico Historical Park. A visit to this historical site will give you a peek into Mexican history as you likely never imagined it. What is even more amazing is that Alhambra wasn't named this until 1923, when soldiers came back from the First World War looking for a place to bury their dead. While they were digging, they found the ruins of a Roman town, complete with baths, forum, granary, and fountains, among other artifacts.


Next up on the list is Honda Plaza. The Landmarks in Anaheim are responsible for the modern-day layout of the downtown plaza. This Park offers an assortment of shops, restaurants, parks, playgrounds, etc., not to mention the grand ballroom. Not only is it a great tourist attraction but the Landmarks in Honda Plaza is responsible for preserving the native heritage of California. It is where you'll find the first Chinese temple built north of the street, a beautiful historic landmark, and the birthplace of Honda Motor, just a couple of blocks over.


A little further north in Anaheim is the Almanzo Vineyard and winery. You will find a gorgeous 19th century building at the base of the vineyards. Built in 1907, the building has seen many changes overtime, such as additions of an annexe, extension plans, and two hotels. It is called the Almanzo Vineyard and Winery because Almanzo was a Spanish trader during the Gold Rush. Today, you can take in a glass of wine while enjoying the panoramic view of the hills surrounding the vineyards.


Just north of the Almanzo Vineyard and Winery is another wonderful landmark. The former site of the St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church is known as the Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church. Built in 1843, the church is one of three St. Ignatius Churches of San Diego. It has received the award for distinguished architectural design twice.


Some other notable landmarks include the Old Town Square and the Old Mission. The Old Town Square has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been deemed a World Heritage Site by the United States Department of State. The Old Mission is also a World Heritage Site. The Petroglyphs of Anaheim are located within the Old Town Square and are a unique addition to the world's tourist attractions. Tourists from all over the world travel to Anaheim just to see these amazing works of art.


With all these amazing sites to see, you may think that your time is full of boredom. Fortunately, you do not have to. You may find something new to do each day. In Anaheim, there are many activities that you may want to try. There are the Sea Lion Splash Park, the Great Pumpkin Adventure Park, the Great Train Park and the Medieval Times Theme Park to name a few. Whatever activities you choose to do during your stay in Anaheim, you can be sure that your time is going to be one of the most wonderful you have ever had.


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