Landscaping business owner told permits needed for former KFC site in Winsted

WINSTED – A landscaping and construction business owner has been ordered not to use the former Kentucky Fried Chicken site for his business until approval from the city’s land use agencies is given.

James Kloczko, who runs Concrete on Demand, would like to use the former fast food restaurant for his landscaping, construction and mini-mixed concrete work.

At the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting last week, land use assistant Pam Colombie said Kloczko had to “clear this stuff up” before he could use the website for commercial activities. She said the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission wanted updated maps of the location. The most recent record is from 2018 when the site was proposed for a marijuana dispensary.

Kloczko countered that he was unable to provide the required data due to the weather.
“Soil scientists are late because of the snow,” he said. “You can’t do anything until soil scientists re-delineate the wetlands. I just want to point out that everything I do and suggest is within the confines of the patch. I am not entering wetlands any further. With the weather and the blizzard, it’s just impossible for engineers and soil scientists to get anything done. “

However, the PZC members firmly believed that Kloczko would only be able to use his property once all the approval procedures were completed. Kloczko bought the property in September for $ 160,000, and PZC member Peter Marchand noted there was plenty of time there before snow lay for the city’s tech and approval.

Chairman George Closson said he must get approval from the IWC group before applying to the PZC and suggested that attending the IWC on Feb.17 pave the way for a return to the PZC on Feb.22 would.

Kloczko asked if a compromise could be reached.

“I need sand, stone and cement to deliver to my customers,” he said. “I’ve been told the biggest concern is storage. If I could load cement into the truck on site, I could load sand and stone elsewhere. Would you consider doing that temporarily? “

He added that his mobile mix Concrete is not like ready-mixed. “The truck is washed at work,” he said. “There would be no cleaning on the premises (KFC).”

“It’s a slippery slope,” said Closson. “We have regulations for that. I think we have to step on the gas to make a suitable proposal. We didn’t create the situation and we have to be consistent. There can’t be an impression of a good old boys network. We want the zoning to work and function properly. “

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