Landscaping company saw 200% increase in business in 2020

One of the biggest landscape trends that hit the industry during the pandemic has been the increased demand for Outdoor spacesMany companies benefited greatly from this surge in interest.

Tyler Dixon, of Dixon Landscape and Design in High Point, North Carolina, said at the start of the pandemic he wasn’t worried about losing a lot of business because the city and the HOA require cutting grass. But even with lawn mowing as a guarantee, he expects an initial slowdown in business operations.

However, he was surprised that the number of jobs rose in mid-April. During that time, Dixon said, they would typically get a project or two a month, but after mid-April they had a project every week on a regular basis through September 2020.

“We’ve seen a 200 percent increase in activity compared to 2019,” says Dixon. “As a result, I was able to actively employ two to four full-time workers, including myself, throughout the year.”

Dixon Landscape Crew is outside by the fireplace

Photo: Dixon Landscape and Design

To keep up with growing demand, Dixon bought new equipment, tools, uniforms, and a new vehicle. To get where they are today, Dixon said a lot of necessary in-house operating costs and investments were made.

Dixon notes that there has also been a massive surge in contactless payment requests, which he attributes to both the pandemic and the influx of younger customers.


Dixon said the average age range of customers requesting these outdoor spaces was between their mid-20s and late 30s, and he notes that he has more projects planned with younger homeowners in 2020 than ever before.

In the past, according to Dixon, most of their customers were older or retired. Until the pandemic, Dixon believed that not so many members of the younger generations spent much time at home, which resulted in them not being as focused on their landscapes.

As we know, 2020 completely changed that.

“As people work and spend more time at home because of the pandemic, they noticed things about their property that they wanted to change and they had more time to plan those projects,” says Dixon.

The popular choice

Compared to previous years, says Dixon, 2020 brought a lot more opportunities for Landscape design Projects.

According to Dixon, the projects that gained the most popularity were the ones that focused on making curbs more attractive.

“This is most likely because people generally spend more time at home,” says Dixon. “Another factor is that the real estate market has also exploded, which has contributed to the increase in landscaping projects, as having good curb appeal is important for home sales.”

Dixon goes into the new year and says if the economy can recover he will see these types of projects continue. Since homeowners save more money by traveling less, Dixon says they now have more time to spend at home and more money to spend on home improvement projects.

Unexpected growth, plans for the future

Outside patio couch, chair, table, and decorations on a deck surrounded by landscaped plantsIn addition to being focused on doing a good job, Dixon always works to build relationships with customers. This had led to an increase in verbal referrals, which had a direct impact on the increase in projects for the year.

“In 2020, we were working on the biggest projects we’ve ever done and I think this will be a shift my company will embrace in the long term,” says Dixon. “There has also been an increase in specific art projects that my team enjoys working on. Right now, concrete art is a niche that we offer, but it’s the direction I want to take the company. “

Dixon plans to open a garden furniture store this year to showcase her work. Dixon says there’s a heavy emphasis on decorating the interior of a home, but there aren’t any stores in his area that focus on providing options for patio furniture.

“I want to bring a storefront and open a showroom in High Point, North Carolina to show people how we can transform their outdoor living environment,” says Dixon.

As a small business owner who emerged from 2020 with a track record of success that he is grateful for, Dixon learned that it is definitely important to focus on the people who work for you.

“My top priority is my team,” says Dixon. “There were times when I didn’t even take my paycheck last year, but I had to make sure my team was looked after because they have families to look after. When I take care of my team, the work they do will always be exceptional. “

By 2021, Dixon aims to learn the lessons of 2020, be more organized and detailed, while increasing the pace. The goal is to shorten working hours and increase profitability.

For those struggling to do business, Dixon recommends taking the time to step back and figure out what your market needs, and then start campaigning and marketing that service.

“If it’s not a service that you normally offer but is in your area, make it possible,” says Dixon. “In the beginning, you may have to do things in unconventional ways until you save the money on the equipment and resources you need. Ultimately, however, many customers just want the job done. Business owners and small business owners need to be aware that they will go through stages of struggle, but don’t let this discourage you. “

Man pushes dirt onto a green mini skid steer loader

Photo: Dixon Landscape and Design

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