Landscaping equipment needs broader restrictions | Letters To The Editor

It was encouraging to see the village government Zoom meeting in action [Jan. 12]Discussion of regulations to limit the use of leaf blowers in our village. Limiting the types of leaf blowers and allowed times is a very good place to start. There were discussions about licenses and a graduated scale for fines for noise violations, all very good steps.

The proposed legislation should be expanded to limit the noise and pollutants generated by all landscaping equipment. Imposing restrictions on leaf blowers alone is not enough. Residents shouldn’t be made to endure fumes and factory-like noises from 48-inch lawnmowers designed for use on a golf course or the purr of the ubiquitous 2-stroke weed killer (which causes more pollution than my sorely missed 1973 Dodge Dart ) are designed.

I applaud the board’s empathy and warm consideration for the landscaping – it’s only right to include them in the discussion … but when I hear machines running at 5:15 p.m. on a Friday afternoon (and it has been for years), I see who I am not so sensitive. Why should a resident have to walk into their home for 45 minutes to avoid the overwhelming noise and fumes of others?

When I rake my leaves (I do all of my gardening by hand) I am intrigued by how weightless they are, and I am amazed and delighted at how many I can fit in a brown leaf sack. There may have been 20 sacks on our property this fall, and we are surrounded by many tall towering trees on either side. So what is all the excitement, noise, and pollution about?

Sound is additive. Hopefully the village administration will pursue the leaf blower ban, option 1, and limit the noise level for any type of gardening tool (quiet gas blowers are available), limit the number of machines running at the same time, and limit the distance between workers that same landscaping company can operate these machines. Since there was a free hand, it was abused and it didn’t work. Hence, good guidelines must be put in place so that we can enjoy nature and our own qualities.

Former co-chair of the Scarsdale Forum Neighborhood Character Committee

Former Arthur Manor Co-President

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