Landscaping group brings new planting vision to life at Corvallis park | Local

Signe Danler and Erik Swartzendruber are preparing to plant a yellowwood tree in Corvallis Central Park on Friday.

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Signe Danler and Erik Swartzendruber carry a yellowwood tree to their planting site in Central Park.

New plants have come to Corvallis Central Park courtesy of a group that wants to go beyond sustainability to help the community and the planet.

“Plants are useful for doing whatever we need,” said Erik Swartzendruber, founding member of the Willamette Valley Regenerative Landscape Coalition. “We promote landscapes that benefit the world and make a difference. This is basically because there are a lot of plants in it. “

The WVRLC is a network of landscapers in the Middle Valley that works closely with the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District. In cooperation with the city of Corvallis, a space with over 200 regenerative plants was created in the park. Swartzendruber, who works as a site manager at Gaia Landscapes, started organizing the flora along with other WVRLC members on Friday morning.

“Regenerative is a kind of overlay of sustainable,” said Swartzendruber. “There’s nothing wrong with sustainability, but that means that we can carry on as we are. Regenerative goes one step further. We’re looking at the positive things we can do as humans on this planet to make our spaces a little bit healthier. “

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The landscape plan includes a yellowwood tree, spring-flared shrubs and wickwar flame heather, and flowers such as yarrow, columbine, and oregon oxalis. Swartzendruber said the group “tried to pick easy-care plants and take care of themselves” but also to help with soil health and pollination.

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