Lot sizes, housing footprints, landscaping and vegetation retention

Proposed development on the old golf course by the Rainbow Shores Residents Group

The residents of Rainbow Shores have done hard work in their response to the council on developing the proposal for the former golf course.

Rainbow Shores is the result of a rigorous master plan created to ensure sustainable development for future generations.

The vision of the Krauchi family was to create one of the most pristine living environments in the world, both a vacation destination and a peaceful life.

In 1989 the Rainbow family acquired Shores, opened various areas and completed tourist facilities, including the 9-hole golf course.

About 32 years later, Rainbow Shores is an asset to the city and will not be until the future demand for environmentally sustainable development and lifestyle choices to “change trees / seas” emerges and grows.

If tourism is the heart of Rainbow Beach, its people are its flesh. One dilemma is whether there can be economic growth in the city without houses to accommodate people to serve tourism.

The general hope is that the Council will share and carry forward the vision of a well-designed, environmentally sensitive coastal community.

If approved for 39 lots, the proposal is likely to have a significant impact on the neighborhood.

Many posts have been forwarded detailing all the key points related to the proposal to use material changes and high density subdivision including:

  • Most of the existing homes are generally large and architecturally camouflaged to blend seamlessly with their neighborhood, and no houses stand in a row.
  • The proposed 39 lot subdivision, if approved, will be resold to another developer who will build generic, low-cost small cluster homes that conflict with the natural and visual amenities of the neighborhood and devalue the rest of Rainbow Shores
  • The proposed 39 plots are generally too small to provide enough space for house construction to allow vegetation conservation and additional landscaping, and no vegetated lots or natural green spaces are suggested to provide audio and video buffers between streets (as is the case for the rest of is typical) rainbow shore).
  • The 39 Lot Proposal also does not suggest that five feet of overgrown walkways be maintained in line with those of the rest of the Rainbow Shores, and there is no suggestion of a green tree barrier along Wyvern Road or Rainbow Shores and bushes are preserved
  • Aerial surveys show that the existing roof areas of homes within Rainbow Shores generally vary between 240 square meters and 320 square meters within a mix of high and low rate homes, and that they are also very similar in size to existing homes in the Rainbow Beach community . Google search indicates that the current building roof area in the suburbs of the city for low-cost housing is about 210 square meters or less.
  • The proposed lots are generally too small to accommodate existing Rainbow Shores style housing

Golf course development Feb 2021 - road mapThe development proposal uses the existing infrastructure and design goals of Rainbow Shores and should therefore safely merge and create more value, not the opposite.

The Council is asked to decide to establish land use policy best practices identified in previous planning studies in order to guide future development.

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