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Aside from the fewer trees, driving around the Louisiana College campus would never tell you that the school had been badly hit by a tornado and hurricane in the past two years. The grounds – and the dormitories – have been significantly upgraded thanks to generous donations and some important elbow grease.

Major renovations have recently been completed in the Cottingham Women’s Dormitory, Tudor Hall and the English Village Men’s Home. English Village was completely redesigned inside and out last year. One of the most noticeable improvements was the new siding on the outside of the entire English village.

We just finished the Commons area where students gather to study, watch TV or visit. New furniture and wall hangings, as well as tables and chairs, have been added for students to charge their computers or phones while studying or watching TV together.
Cottingham has undergone several renovations.

In 2016, roofs were repaired, some interior repairs were done, new furniture was added, and TVs were bought for the common areas. In addition, the communal kitchen on the first floor was remodeled with a new worktop, sink, tiled floor and appliances. Each dormitory has been redone with new floors and the walls have been painted. White Parlor also got new floors, paint, artwork, wall hangings and furniture.

Tudor Hall required major structural repairs and all bathrooms were remodeled. The lobby and common rooms were remodeled between 2016 and 2017 and a movie / theater room with new furniture was added. One of the unsung designers on these projects – and throughout her husband’s tenure – was LC First Lady Cathy Brewer.

“Students, faculty and staff deserve a nice space to work, study and live in,” said Cathy Brewer. “We have world-class faculty and academic programs that enable excellent education in a Christ-centered environment. In order to attract high quality students and faculty we need to create comfortable spaces and it is important to us that we provide students with a home environment while they are with us. “

Mrs. Brewer is known among the student body for hosting student groups at the Brewer House and for serving delicious homemade treats to her Wildcat family. She also makes treats several times a year and sends them to faculty, staff, and classrooms, often with scriptures and inspirational messages. So it’s no wonder that she wanted to help look after LC’s areas of life and learning.

“It’s been my pleasure to make small contributions and to be involved in some of the renovation and remodeling projects in the dormitories and on the Louisiana College grounds,” she said. “As Dr. Brewer and I visited the LC campus for the first time in 2015, it quickly became clear that many areas of the campus urgently needed maintenance and repair.

It wasn’t just internal changes to the buildings, but also the site that became a major project for Ms. Brewer. “Improving the physical environment was an important goal to provide safe, clean, and welcoming space for students, faculties, and staff – a place where students and faculties can live, work, and study in a comfortable space,” she said .

Ms. Brewer also believes it is important to take care of whatever the Lord has given her family.
“It remains important to be faithful stewards of the institution and its assets – that the donations in cash and in kind donated to Louisiana’s only Baptist College are looked after to the best of our ability, and that we keep it in better condition than it was than we were found it. “And students generally agree that the facilities and grounds look great.

Anna Matherne, Senior Business Major, has lived in Cottingham Hall for almost four years.
“I was so excited when I found out about the renovation work in the dormitories, especially since I got to see it for my senior year,” said Matherne. “Entering my newly painted and furnished dormitory was like a Christmas morning. I was so excited to see everything that had been done. One of my favorite things to do is hang out at the White Parlor.

I love going through the countless hours and knowing them that have helped make this a special home for us girls. I spent many late nights in our lobby studying, watching movies, sharing a midnight pizza, or just hanging out with friends. I love having such a beautiful, comfortable and charming place to do this. “

Gracee Bryant, junior accounting major and Cottingham resident, echoed Matherne’s comments about the excitement of all the changes going on around campus. “They give a more modern and welcoming atmosphere,” she said. In order not to be outdone, the men also saw big changes in English Village and Tudor.

“EV’s improved lobbying and living conditions are brand new and in much better shape,” said Jason Rodriguez, senior psychology major. “The renovations are really nice.” Ms. Brewer does not take credit for herself and is quick to thank the LC alumni and friends of the college for the generosity of providing funding to complete these projects. She also said she was grateful for the faculty and staff – and she named each one individually – who helped make all the upgrades possible.

“I’m grateful that I did a small part in taking these projects into our own hands so that we can provide comfortable space for our students, faculties, and staff at Louisiana College,” said Mrs. Brewer. “It is personally important to me that we maintain and create spaces that offer a home away from home.” Ms. Brewer believes that the facilities should be in keeping with the “world-class academic programs of the first-class faculty staff” and trainers. “

She said there were many other projects to be done and she planned to continue helping wherever she was needed. “If we cannot attract new students because of run-down facilities, we cannot teach and reach young people with excellent academic experience in a Christ-centered setting,” said Cathy Brewer. “I’ve always thought that everything we do at Louisiana College should be approached as if we were sending our own children or grandchildren to participate.”

President Rick Brewer said he was grateful for all of the people who were involved in making the campus look better – both cash and sweat capital. “The appeal of the curb remains among the top 5 compelling reasons for a student to select a particular college to attend,” said Brewer, who is grateful for the time and attention his wife has given to these campus beautification efforts .

“This fact is not lost at Louisiana College because we have made adding and maintaining landscaping an aesthetic and safety issue. Cathy and I are grateful for alums like Don Hill who have donated significant funds to campus beautification initiatives. “

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