Manitowoc snow removal, landscaping: Scotty Landscape Supply opens

Scotty Landscape Supply is a family-run, full-service garden center and landscaping company.

We’re open seven days a week and offer pickup and delivery. We offer a selection of landscaping materials such as 11 types of natural and colored mulches, sand and topsoil, decorative and building blocks, and boulders. We also have trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, vegetables and hanging baskets.

Our gift shop has a wide range of landscape-style gifts and outdoor accessories. We are also Sheboygan’s only pellet grill dealer for Green Mountain Grill.

Scotty Landscape Supply prides itself on having the largest selection of landscape products in Sheboygan and now Manitowoc County. Our landscape department offers landscape installations and renovations, lawn care and maintenance as well as snow removal and salt work.

In addition to the landscape management, a new department was created. Sheboygan Dumpster Rental opened in 2019 to serve the growing demand for the residential and commercial waste rental market. Our driveway-friendly bins are used for remodeling, cleaning households, and disposing of garden litter, to name a few. They offer an inexpensive alternative to the larger waste disposal companies.

Scotty Landscape Supply was founded in 1989 by Scott Schaefer with one employee. By 2000, Scott opened his first retail garden center on 4 acres in Sheboygan City. A trucking department was added to support the garden center and other local landscaping businesses with half a load of landscaping material. In the next few years this location grew from one to three buildings.

In 2010, Scott partnered with the City of Sheboygan to handle household waste drop-off and off-road garbage collection. This was the beginning of the Sheboygan Dumpster rental; However, no rental services were offered until 2019. This service became very popular and by 2019 Scotty Landscape Supply opened the Sheboygan Dumpster Rental division at the customer’s request.

Our newest and most exciting growth is now in the city of Manitowoc. Scott and his eldest son, Cody, bought the former Four Seasons full-service lawn care facility at 1539 N. Eighth St. in Manitowoc. The birth of the second and largest Scotty Landscape Supply location has created several new jobs and has grown to 20 employees.

Renovation work has started at the Manitowoc site. In April we will be opening a full-service garden center with 35 large bins of mulches, decorative landscaping and building blocks, topsoil, unique boulders, flagstones, plants and lawns. A large gift shop accompanies this place and becomes Manitowoc’s largest and most complete garden center and gift shop.

For more information on Scotty Landscape Supply or Sheboygan Dumpster Rental, call 920-684-9191 or visit

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