Meet Tigran Gertz, landscaping guru and online coach

The landscape consultant Tigran Gertz can sell his expertise, but this knowledge was not cheap. After Gertz immigrated to Wisconsin in 1999 with no knowledge of English, he tried hard to fit into his local school.

But the pressure made him learn quickly. “Within 6 months I was able to speak basic English … being bullied was common for a foreigner in the US. However, I agreed to it. I had thick skin. “

This resilience served him in later years when he started his own landscaping business. “The biggest challenge in lawn maintenance was finding customers and having the right tools for the job. A massive problem, however, was knowledge. Once you made a commitment and started selling jobs, I ran into a problem: HOW? How can I do that? For example: paving stones, concrete, sprinklers and so on. Right now, that’s why I mentor and help others grow in business. Lots of people don’t know how. “

As an entrepreneur starting out in a new industry, Gertz needed guidance. But he didn’t know where to get it. Instead of giving up, he adapted the most important capital to his company. “The state of mind is one of the most important things in business. Problems happen to everyone, how you react to them sets you apart from the competition. When I meet a student and they have a weak mind, they are often emotionally affected. Being emotionally affected by problems is much worse than being physically [concerns]. ”

As a successful YouTube star and business guru, Gertz is now ready to share what he has learned on his way to becoming one of the most profitable landscaping companies.

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