Millbrae cracking down on front yard landscaping violations

The town of Millbrae says it is cracking down on landscaping violations in the front yard across the city.

The city recently released a notice reminding residents that the Code Enforcement Division is monitoring to ensure that at least 60 percent of a homeowner’s front yard is landscaped. This can mean that trees, shrubs, grass (including artificial turf), or ground cover are primarily decorative purposes.

“While 40 percent (maximum) of a front yard can be dedicated to a driveway, landscaped areas cannot be covered with concrete, asphalt or other impermeable materials,” the city said. “This area also includes the strip of landscaped vegetation between the street and the sidewalk.” Homeowners must maintain this landscaped vegetation, but paving is not permitted in this area. “

Millbrae prescribes these rules in order to increase areas that absorb rainwater and to reduce rainwater runoff that overloads the storm sewer system and to “maintain an aesthetic, landscaped appearance along the facade of residential properties.” Front yard landscaping plans are required before the city can issue residential or planning permits.

Those who break the front yard landscaping rules may receive courtesy warnings, notices of violations, “stop work” flags on packages, or $ 500 administrative quotes that “may be continuously issued up in some cases.” the violation is fixed, “said the city.

In addition, landscaping plans for the front yard are required before a residential building or building permit is granted. Plans must conform to Millbrae Municipal Code 05/10/0620 prior to approval. If there are currently violations, the homeowner must bring their front yard into compliance before granting a building permit.

For more information on this and other city codes, contact the Millbrae City Code Enforcement Division at (650) 259-2440.

Photo courtesy of the City of Millbrae

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