Minecraft Players Can Now Apply for a Job With a UK Landscaping Site

Minecraft users who consider themselves gardening experts can now put their money in their mouths with a real company in the UK.

Minecraft Players who consider themselves experts in gardening are given a chance to prove it. A UK company that apparently knows how popular Minecraft is is looking to get some of its top players to work.

A UK garden shed review website called WhatShed is expanding into Minecraft. The company wants to work with virtual garden houses in the game. To make the move as smooth as possible, an experienced veteran is hired for the title of the sandpit building.

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The company recently posted an ad on its website looking for multiple virtual landscapers. Players looking to refresh their Minecraft seeds with the help of active players can then turn to these virtual gardeners for help.

Minecraft Mystical Agriculture mod

For those who feel this is not such a serious job, WhatShed sets various requirements for those interested in the opportunity. The company charges customers for everything its employees build in Minecraft. Because of this, the company says its virtual landscapers need to be able to stay within the client’s budget while offering different options for the end product. The company added in the release that the reason customers are given multiple options is to encourage customers to come back.

WhatShed’s job posting states that anyone who wants to qualify for the job must be familiar with all of the mechanics Minecraft offers. The company also wants someone who can easily demonstrate a bit of creativity and flexibility. It would also be helpful if, as listed, an applicant had a firm grasp of gardening and landscaping in practice. Those who might be interested in the job can rest assured that they do not have to be based in the UK. Because WhatShed understands that work in Minecraft can be done from anywhere in the world, anyone who gets a virtual landscaping job can work remotely.

The lucky landscaper who is hired receives the U.S. equivalent of about $ 70 an hour for his job when he starts work. However, once he’s established and shown he can do a good job, he can set his own tariffs. The employees can also show their work to other people without having to enter their own private worlds. The company didn’t say when it would decide on the final hires or whether it hired customers in advance.

Minecraft is available for mobile devices, PCs, PS4, switches, and Xbox One.

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Source: WhatShed

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