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A HAPPY CLOVERLEAF HIT: Charles recently asked in an email about the driveway to Interstate 25 southbound from Montgomery westbound. This trefoil ramp has been barricaded for over a week. It has nothing to do with the water authority’s valve replacement project. The New Mexico Department of Transportation, District 3, did not post anything on their website about this closure. … Please recommend. “

And Elizabeth Bayne wrote by e-mail: “The ramp to the south of Montgomery / Montaño and I-25 has been closed for some time. However, nothing else seems to be happening. Is construction planned? When? Why? … Do you have any information? “

NMDOT does.

Kimberly Gallegos, who manages information for the NMDOT area office, said, “A couple of weeks ago a large truck hit this overpass under the bridge in Montgomery on I-25. NMDOT is working to fix the problem. This job was difficult to do in low temperatures, but we’re trying to finish it over the next few weeks. The cloverleaf ramp along with a lane of I-25 will remain closed until repairs can be completed. Thank you for this request! “

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TRAMWAY LANDSCAPING IN PROGRESS: Earlier this month, Jeff B. emailed: “A tip from the bike helmet to the (state) engineers and contractors for the great paving and adding bike lanes to the tram, much safer for everyone.” And he asks, “Curious what is the ongoing project on the northeast corner of the tram and Indian School Road? “

Landscaping tailored to the climate and location.

Jessica Campbell, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Albuquerque Park and Recreation Department, said, “The tram and Indian School landscaping improvements will span 2.2 acres along the tram corridor with the aim of re-vegetating and re-vegetating an area without landscaping to improve. An invasive, alien tree called “Tree of Heaven” had also taken root in the area and had to be cleared. Current landscape design consists of a layer of wire mesh two feet below the surface to prevent new colonies of prairie dog from emerging. It was specially developed for Albuquerque’s high desert climate – with water use areas and colorful drought-tolerant native plant species that are an important habitat for pollinators. Signs on the route inform people about problems with prairie dogs, the importance of controlling invasive tree species like Tree of Heaven, and the benefits native vegetation has on our environment. “

SEWER LINE REPAIR CLOSED CONCORDIA / LAYTON: Becky Gaynor recently asked in an email what was going on around this corner when the street was ripped open.

David Morris, spokesman for Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority, said a “contractor drilled his way through a 12-foot small-diameter sewer near this intersection, requiring repairs that are now complete.”

COORS RAMP STRIPING NEEDS HIGHER TEMPS: A caller recently asked about the missing strip of the exit on Interstate 40 going east.

Gallegos says the stripes will be “replaced. … We are working with the contractor on when they will be ready, hopefully with a little warmer temperatures. “

BRAND CALENDAR FOR VIRTUAL CAR SEAT CONTROL: NMDOT and Safer New Mexico Now you have free, COVID-safe appointments to make sure your car / booster seat is snuff-compliant and properly installed.

Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month and between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month, nationally certified technicians for the safety of children and passengers give parents and carers “one-to-one lessons” on the selection, installation and use of their car seats. “

To log in, you need a laptop or smartphone with video capabilities, a valid email address, access to the Internet or WiFi, and the ability to use Zoom via the app or website. You will also need the car seat and its manual, the manual for your vehicle, the exact height and weight of the child and, if possible, the child for the appointment. A second person to help with the camera / video session is also helpful.

For information or to make an appointment, call 800-231-6145.

The editorial page editor D’Val Westphal deals with commuter problems in the subway area on Mondays. Reach them at 823-3858; [email protected]; or 7777 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109.

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