Native landscaping webinars | Community

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Division has compiled a list of free or low-cost webinars hosted by nonprofits in Wisconsin that can help you add or improve a few native plants to your garden.

The topics for these webinars range from community solutions to reduce pesticide use, to buying bee-safe plants, to beneficial invertebrates in our soil.

In this free series, learn how to “Help Birds, Pollinators, and Your Community”. Prior registration is required.

Visit these free webinars to learn more on topics ranging from “The Beauty and Resilience of the Prairie” to an overview of threats and population trends and the reproduction of monarchs.

Join the Friends of Wehr Nature Center to learn how to manage your garden and yard for pollinators and beneficial insects in the off-season. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. The cost is $ 12 per person, $ 10 for Milwaukee County residents, or $ 7 for Friends of the War. Registration is required by March 29, 2021.

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